Sheer Black Lace Nail Art

Suzie custom-makes her own Sheer Black Polish to create a Sheer Black Lace Nail Art Design.

  • 0:20 Make your own Sheer Black Polish
  • 1:25 Paint Sheer Black Polish On Nails
  • 2:16 Use Calligraphy Pen and Ink for Design
  • 4:09 Keep Pen clean with Cleaner, and Cotton Pad
  • 4:31 Use Dotting Tool to add cute Dots
  • 5:00 Paint the rest of the Nails
  • 10:15 Let Dry
  • 10:27 Top Coat
  • 11:10 Finished Nail Art Design Reveal Photo’s


  1. You know, it looks a lot like henna. Good job on the design and outcome. Thanks for the video.

  2. Susie. Love from Saskatchewan. I'm just wondering where you got your blue light ball from. I recall you have an orange one as well. If you made it, can you point me in the right direction for instructions. Hugs to you and camera man.

  3. Would normal caligraphy ink work or does it have to be airbrush ink?

  4. Would it be possible to do this design with gel polish?

  5. You know it's about to get real when she puts the glasses on. lol.

  6. could you do the piece of lace like you explained? I'd love to see that!

  7. Hmmm, I wonder if I could make my own sheer OPI nail envy color???

  8. I'm making some sheer tonight!!

  9. That's probably the cutest thing EVER!
    I'm so gonna try this!! Finally something I can do with the few things I own~ ♥ Thank you Suzie!!

  10. I started watching these vids  after Jenna Marbles mentioned how entertaining they were! And omg I'm down a wormhole Suzie! I've been watching you none stop for three days!!!

  11. Can you  make a video of the acrylic lace inlay? Love your channel btw!! Can't stop watching your videos.

  12. Your fantastic suzie I'm starting to teach myself acrylic and my friends have graciously offered to be my models ☺ your videos have taught me so much x

  13. How do you do this successfully with your left hand?

  14. Where did you get that amazing pen from! It's so nice ?

  15. i would love to see you do the lace inlay in one of these videos

  16. Susie did you ever think about trying to put actual lace down on the nail then putting a gel on top like how you did the flowers with the acrylic & Gel overlay?

  17. I wish I would have had a colligraphy pen a week ago, I did my friends nails for a wedding. The theme was burlap and lace! Great wedding design! I usually use my very tiny detailing brush but it can get difficult sometimes. Toothpicks work OK when hand drawing lace but your pen looks like it would be the best way! Love them!

  18. I walked in here expecting her to use stamping plates and left with my jaw unhinged as I saw her free-hand her own lace. mind = blown.

  19. I bite my nails probably am going to go there

  20. Is it ok if we mix clear gel and black gel color to create clear black?

  21. What king of acrylic monomer do you like to use? Standard, low-odor, or odorless? And what is a get band of each to get as a student? Especially of odorless for my state broad test.

  22. Can you use nail polish with a calligraphy pen or does it have to be calligraphy ink??

  23. If you want some really good image references for lace designs, look up Irish lace, pineapple lace, and tatted lace. Vintage lace patterns have pretty cool looking ones too!

  24. Those are short nails?  I would be thrilled to grow my nails that long!

  25. I never had my nails done before, but I'd so travel to you to get them done! your amazing.

  26. Hi Suzie, it's a marvelous video and nail art idea. I wonder if mixing super-frost (chrome) colour like silver or gold with clear nail polish will work? I would be great to have gold/silver sheer polish. It makes me think of thin silk!

  27. Btw I have a that yellow dotting tool it's very pretty???

  28. What paint do you use and where can I buy that paint pencil?

  29. you kinda look like Valerie bertinelli. i love your channel! so amazing!

  30. Putting a matte topcoat on this looks amazing!!

  31. Ms Suzie keeping it real with that Tony Montana meets Martha Stewart sheer lace coke nail.

  32. you are so beautiful you and your nail?????

  33. you can use an artist quality acrylic paint thinned to the consistency of milk with your calligraphy pen

  34. When mixing the polishes for the sheer black, should they be the same brand?

  35. I normally hate black sheer, but you make it look so sexy lol

  36. Wow you are an artist! I thought you had used a stamper and when I opened the video I see how much this is great… its all handmade. Congrats!

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