Short Formal Hairstyles

It’s time for Prom! Here’s a hair tutorial on hairstyles that will work for short and medium length hair! Whether you have short hair, medium hair, or a lob, you will find a hair style for you! You can wear your hair half up Half down, or even in an updo. This will be great for any formal occasion, so it’s great for wedding season, which is just around the corner. These are all pretty easy and beginner friendly so you can totally DIY them and save yourself some extra $$$ for that dress ;).

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  1. Do you ever wear this wig out?? ❤ love you kayley

  2. This is the first video that I've actually been able to achieve the hairstyle that I wanted ???

  3. I am attending a wedding in Punta Cana next year and might try the last hair style. That way I do not have to worry about frizz and it will look awsome.

  4. thanks somuch this is much needed probably going to do the second one

  5. I just donated 8 inches of my hair and now I'm watching ALL of your short hair tutorials for ideas!

  6. Is there last hairstyle good for thick hair?

  7. My friends prom is coming up and she's invited me so I'm looking for hairstyles.. at the moment my hair is long/medium length and dark but hopefully I'm getting it cut to the length of this wig and balayaged (however you spell it) for my birthday which is soon so might try the second one

  8. Hopefully​it works for my sister Tonight. im doing her hair. Wish me luck

  9. Can you please make a milkmaid braid with pearls in it.

  10. I'm definitely doing the second one. I've got my dress, the hair, and now I just gotta figure out my makeup!

  11. My best friend has prom tomorrow and we are gonna go shopping for her dress today shes a lesbian and very guyish lol so i wanna make her look good she doesnt wear makeup she doesnt like dresses so we gave her a choice of a tux or a dress and she said she would wear a dress and i told her ill do her hair and stuff which is down to her shoulders im bisexual but i still love makeup i wanna go to college to do special effects makeup honestly i wanna do the last hairstyle on her and sence my hair id down to my butt idk how to work with short hair lol

  12. I want to try either the second or third style for my upcoming confirmation. They're pretty, but not super over-the-top the way my family likes to do.

  13. I like the last 2 hairstyles

  14. Hopefully the second hairstyle will come out good ❤❤

  15. I just recently got my hair cut shoulder length. I love your hair tutorials so I'm really glad you've got some cute options for short hair, too! I don't have to simply wear it down anymore!

  16. when she does a side view she looks like Britney and her voice too

  17. I just experienced a hair cut nightmare thus leaving me with hair as short as your wig in this video. After I got my hair fixed (well, as good as it's gonna get unfortunately) I was left with hair that I have no clue on how to style. I have had medium to hip length hair for years and years that I have mastered styling and after one day of short hair I realized I was in trouble. Thank god for your new short hair tutorials. They seemed to happen just in time for me! I'm also a teacher so these hair styles will fit perfectly into the professional dress code I have to follow.

  18. You look like Bridget mendler here!

  19. Holy Shit trust me when i saw you my heart skipped a beat, you're drop dead gorgeous. I gotta admit Im not even a chick but i didn't give a second thought while subbing you, afterall its the least i could do to see your pretty face ^_^

  20. I love this super blonde color on her hair!! And can someone explain how this is a wig? Her roots are definitely hers!! lol

  21. i'll use the third one for my js. thank u so much ?

  22. Cause you have short hair why you don't do a hairstyles from Carrie Underwood cause she have short hair and you too Kayley !! ??

  23. My prom was last week and I used the second hair style. I loved it so much.

  24. The last one had me fooled! So simple (I'm a hairstylist!)

  25. Pretty hairdos. How did you get your hair short here and long in others? The long doesn't look like extensions. So just wondered.

  26. Kayley, I have super curly hair that doesn't work with most of your hairstyles, never mind the length. I still watch all your videos! <3 <3 <3 I just love seeing what you do!

  27. Can you make a video on beauty and the beast hairstyles? Thankssss

  28. Omg as soon as you said shoutout to people who are watching this with a different length I was like yes ?????

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