Short Hairstyles for Summer!

Here are some summer hairstyles for short and medium length hair! There are lots of cool braids in here that are also quick and easy!

I know this wig is more of a lob, but all of these hair styles should work on short hair regardless! I really tried to incorporate a mix of braided styles that were super duper easy and just one that has a dutch braid. I hope you guys enjoy this at the beach, pool, festival or just every day!


  1. I love how the teasing is so natural looking.

  2. You look so cute on short hair I LOVE IT

  3. I love all Kayley's hairstyles and I can even do some of them myself… except I suck at curling my hair. I know it sounds dumb but it's a real pain in ass

  4. Kayley please do more hairstyles for short hair , it's really hard find a youtuber who do good and beautiful hairstyles. Love

  5. I recently cut my hair short and I would love if you did more hairstyles like this.

  6. I love your videos!! Keep it up! ☺

  7. Love this hairstyles they look beautiful. ?❤

  8. oh my gosh, i  just love how bouncy the wig looks, i mean, it's so, poofy but it's so beautiful!!!

  9. how do you pull off buns and not look like a 6 y/o??? pls share your secret???

  10. How did u curl your hair/wig/idk?? ??

  11. Ahhh love these looks, super cute!! Jessi Malay just did some braided styles for summer too LOL I'm set on hairstyles for the summer <3

  12. watching Kaylee's tutorials and patiently waiting for side shave to grow out

  13. Love these short hairstyles in makes growing my hair out so much easier

  14. I love these hairstyles! Love the style and personality you add to all of your hairstyles!

  15. Ooh I would love to see some short hairstyles for girls that have bangs… I've got a lob with bangs that hit just below my eyebrows ?

  16. I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to do your hairstyles anymore because I cut my hair, and now I see this, I'm so happy!!!!

  17. Can you do hairstyles for kids since every single day at school I basically have nothing on my head 🙂


  19. why am I watching this, I have long hair? ????

  20. Please do Super girls TV show classic curls!

  21. I don't have short hair but I absolutely loved every single one of them! Will definitely try them out❤️ Thanks a lot Kayley! And oh yeah! Super excited to watch 3 videos a week now!??✨ greetings from india?

  22. PLEASE DO A HAIR TYPE VIDEO. All the ones I watched are on extremely curly hair. I dont know what mine is. Its just frizzy. Please

  23. Dear Kayley, do you know what kind of braid Emma Watson is wearing in "Noah"? a tutorial on that would be awesome! Thx

  24. Is there any way you could do a video showing how you curled the hair in this vid? My hair is about this length but I can never get the curls to look like this! They're either too curly or not curly enough!

  25. Hi Kayley, Can you do a video on all kinds of braids for short hair please?! P.S I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! ❤?

  26. I love how you are grown with your channel, and videos are more sophisticaded and kinda glam but still are so simple and fun, so you 😀 Love this hairstyles!

  27. Plz do back to school hairstyles for short hair

  28. Kaylee please make a video on how to make these waves stay

  29. u look so cute with shorter hair..

  30. I can't believe this is a wig!!!! Damn that's a good wig job lol some days I'd love to rock shorter hair so a wig would be great but they just look so fake on me!! I'd love a vid on how you put it on

  31. I cut my waist length hair off a few weeks ago and have been struggling to find good styles now that its a lob. Thanks for the vid Kaylee!

  32. Can you do one where you show how your curl you hair when it's short

  33. Where I live it's too hot and if I wear my hair down I'll be sweating to death ahaha love these looks tho

  34. omg i thought she cut her hair !! so talented ♥ i hope you'll do more go to or quick hairstyles for short hair, cuz in the summer specially for us girls with oily hair our hair looks a mess i just dont know how to deal with it ?

  35. love everything about this video. The colours, the hairstyles, music. Totally perfect!

  36. Style 3 is sooo pretty but I can't braid like that ?

  37. your all dress r soooooo much awsm in video…plz so us ur wardrobe

  38. More videos like this please I need help styling my short/shoulder length hair!

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