Side Swept Holiday Updo!

Products I used:
Hot Tools 3/4″ Iron
Mariana Bobby Pins
Generic Hair clips

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Hautelook (I don’t know the brand 🙁 )
Nails: Butter London Wallis


  1. thank you 🙂 I would still love to see it as i m a bit of an idiot still with braiding and more sophisticated hairstyle :))

  2. She didn't braid all the way down the hair, just a few inches, and then she curled the end and looped them over/around the bun

  3. i'm 99% sure that she wrapped it around the first bun 🙂

  4. I love it! Thanks for uploading this! 🙂

  5. Omgosh you looked so pretty in this video you always look pretty but you looked extra pretty lol:)

  6. its a great tutorial i will need to practice a looot for the dutch braid not good with braiding yet.. but just a question, when you did the dutch braid and then continued to braid normally, you were left with the braid and went really quickly over where to put it.. did you put it in a second bun or did you wrap it around the first bun? my hair's massive, so I m wondering where to put that braid.. thanks :))

  7. This is gorgeous but WAY too complicated for me! ;(

  8. I like wearing shirt dresses with leggings and boots 🙂

  9. I've seen most of your videos and I love them! How can you do all that updos??? If you continue doing the videos I will see it.

  10. I have kindda short hair. It is curly and it is long till my neck. And i am thinking of any hairdos. I have run out of ideas. I hope u can give any adive, tips or any hairdos. Thanks, love u ♡♡

  11. For my high school play I was a ghost one time… for 5 nights I had teased hair with the white spray-in coloring. It was awful.

  12. Dang look at those biceps. You go girl!!!

  13. Need something I can wear for Christmas, that is not like.. to much.. because I don't want to spend so much time at my hair, and I don't fit this kind of updos.. But you are very helpful with all your tutorials so thanks! 😀

  14. It´s so beautiful, cute and easy, thanks♥

  15. I'm never going to tease my hair again, because for our school play I had to tease my entire head of hair until I looked like I was struck by lightning. And then I had to get a brush stuck in it. It took about two hours and lots of detangling conditioner to get it out.

  16. I love wearing hats and warm knitted stuff on my head! Can you show us some low buns or other stuff we can do to keep our hair safe from the wind and out heads warm?

  17. what hair brand hair curler is that? xx

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