Sideways French Nail Art

Nail Art: Sideways French Manicure! Switch up your traditional french mani, with this modern and bold sideways nail art! In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to easily create this classy and simplistic nail art design in just a few quick steps. This video was done in partnership with Sephora. I hope you enjoy the nail art design! Can’t wait to see and LIKE your recreations soon 🙂


  1. I dont really like tge desighn tho ??

  2. Soo…I shouldn't be using clear polish as a base coat???

  3. I wanna see a pink lime n teal nail art

  4. The stlyle French is always classical

  5. Do you have to put the silver all over the nail? Could you just put it on the side, also could you do the red first then just put the silver on the edge?

  6. Have you reviewed formula x I'm very curious to see how it works.

  7. How do you get your polish to dry quickly i do thin coats but it always gets smudged and ruined so i just remove all of the polish

  8. I redid this and it looked great for about 5 mins when it smudged. I use a top nail coat I let it dry and my nails still get ruined. How do you make your nails last so long. Mine start to chip after 3 days.

  9. Her designs are amazing all the time this one is superb.

  10. looks good for christmas :3

  11. Cool and unique! I have nail vids too if you wanna check em' out!

  12. Wow thanks I will try it out… Was wondering if would still b ok if I paint my nails red, then use a silver striper… :/

  13. I tried this its so cute and fashion totally simple and unique! I am so bad at my nails but I could do this and I love it a lot ! Thanks for the video 🙂

  14. Something easy I can do now. Thanks cute polish

  15. Where do you get your nail Polish

  16. Wow Sandy can u pls do a vid of how to easily put studs on ur nails cause I have a lot of trouble putting studs on my nails

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