SILICONE BEAUTYBLENDER?! Trying an Evie Blender for Foundation!

It looks like the journey to finding a worthy opponent for the beautyblender hasn’t ended yet! After doing our foundation with a bra insert, silisponge and finger blender… Today I’m trying the NEW Evie Blender! A silicone beauty sponge that is ready to break the internet, but will it? Watch the video to find out! Hope you guys enjoy & thanks for watching!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. Love this look❤️❤️❤️tutorial please xxxx

  2. try the gemblender a lot of bloggers seem to love it

  3. I feel like this sponge is okay. Maybe you just used this foundation only with sponges that you needed to wet? And this foundation is like that, i mean more matt?

  4. I Am a big fan and im not the thinnest person ever so I want to contour but when I contour its like i have put chocolat on my face? what can ido to make iT Nicee?

  5. I'm yes me like canal me encanta tus vídeos de YouTube

  6. "That Looks Like A Crusty Toe". Looks down and shamefully puts on lotion and be like "Girl there ain't no crusty toes here no…"

  7. Nikki, I will teach you how to do your makeup after your brows without messing them up. It's easy!

  8. "Evie Blender" ?very fitting considering I JUST watched Descendants 2 for the 5th time

  9. So funny when you slapped it on your face. I would do the same with a weird heavy lumpy product like that.

  10. Have you tried nucode beauty makeup blender or sponge? 🙂

  11. "It feels like I'm stabbing my face with a dildo* I'm crying ???

  12. I ask myself why you're comparing so many things with a dildo…

  13. What lipstick is she wearing????

  14. How do you do the eyeliner so well

  15. I really want the Lancôme foundation that u have but I wonder if that's the cause of ur slightly red skin because I feel it would just blow up my sensitive skin (no offence at nikkies skin btw she's beautiful with make up on or off)

  16. if that silicon sponge absorb oil its good for me:)

  17. You're funny. I may have to stalk you a little bit and let's see if we end up subscribing!
    I do love a beautiful and completely honest beauty vlogger, which you are based on this ^^ I have high hopes, let's see 🙂
    LollyBon xoxox

  18. she's the first beauty vlogger I've seen with dry skin. I've got oily.

  19. I died when she said that it looks like a crusty toe

  20. I wish she would've done a close up shot on her face to show us what she was talking about.

  21. 4:45 "like slapping ur face with a dildo" me:what the fuck

  22. Ok NIkkie i think we would all like to know how u know what slapping your face with a dildo is like?? Hmmmmm?

  23. But this isn't the one with the "patent pending" texture!! (glitter) I'm sure it makes ALL the difference!! ?

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