Silver Fishtail Braids with CrystalAnnRod | ELLE

Take your fishtail up a notch.


  1. Im the girl with short hair.. like up to their shoulders..

  2. Lindo trabalho,porém não explicou nada como si faz. Pena!

  3. she looked like she was in pain

  4. This ain't no tutorial. Ugghhh…

  5. thiiiis is so pretty omg!☺?? i've always wanted to dye my hair silver but i'm scared that i would look uglier with it.

  6. What's the point if everything is moving too fast and you really not showing anyone step by step it's beautiful though

  7. Why is it stiff and why does she look like xxxtentacion

  8. We been doing that shit for yrs…….. Next

  9. These are GHANA BRAIDS!! Elle please don't appropriate black culture if your not even going to use the proper name

  10. come check out my new youtube channel I could use some feedback and advice 🙂

  11. I don't know if it was me but the girl braiding was killing me.. how she started out with what look like her two pointer fingers and never used her middle finger to braid..

  12. ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. love this video so much and I subd to all your social media

  14. How long can these last for?

  15. Cornrow to a fishtail bit Cute anyway. No hating!!!

  16. I don't understand…how can a human be so gorgeous with braids?

  17. cómo se hacen esas trenzas?!

  18. Ammm what was that? I didn't learn a thing, except that the braid is beautiful ?

  19. You're meant to dip the braid in boiling water. Would've looked a whole lot better ::////

  20. Culture appropriation much???

  21. How does she do the hair with those nails!??!

  22. umm..her edges will be gone! be careful if you have fine hair with these styles

  23. We're them edges at ??‍♀️:/

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