Silver Glitter Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial

Hey loves! ♡ It has been exactly 3 months ago since I did a cool tone smokey eye-ish eye look so it was about time don’t you think :-p I prefer warm tones since it makes my eye color pop out a little more but it’s also nice to have some variety on my channel. I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any questions leave them down in the comment section. And thank you for all the love and support. Much love ♡ XOXO, An



  1. ładnie. Tylko jak tak robię tak ładnie nie wychodzi

  2. disculpen mi ignorancia pero que es lo que usa para no arruinar el maquillaje de los ojos

  3. bello!!!! lo voy a intentar hacer??

  4. Hermoso! I love it! I'd try to make something like that for my birthday

  5. I'm in l?ve with that eye makeup…have to try that in Christmas!

  6. Just loved it …….beautiful

  7. Me encanta este maquillado

  8. This looks amazing. I love it with your eye color too.

  9. NYC product please make product reviews

  10. El maquillaje más hermoso que e visto ?

  11. Great job Ann. ?????????proud of you. What camera do you use to record video?

  12. You are an incredibly talented artist♡If I can ever create one of your beautiful looks to your level, i will be thrilled:) I am happy to just watch your videos. Thank you for putting so much effort in your tutorials, your explanations of why/where/how helps a lot! I'd love to see you do an updated foundation/base routine? Thanks for sharing your gift. xx

  13. شو هيدا الجمال بووووووساتي

  14. Hola soy de ecuador hasta ayer no sabia maquillarme gracias a ti me doy cuenta que tengo potencial para esto bendiciones

  15. Wow it came out beautiful. I will like to see more. And I loved the eyelashes they are perfect.

  16. uouuuuuuu eu quero ???

  17. uma verdadeira obra de arte???????

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