Simple Beef Brisket – Gordon Ramsay

Inexpensive and incredibly simple to make, this slow roast beef brisket recipe gives you tender, succulent, melt in the mouth meat that works with a variety of sides. Gordon recommends tangy piccalilli.


  1. listen people go to a school and get a job and stop asking me for money ????!

  2. Thinking of trying this recipe with a venison roast.

  3. looks amazing think i may just give this a try , yum yum yum ……..WATP

  4. you didnt mention a temperature, dislike 4 u

  5. Who the fuck boils brisket ????? only a blow job like Ramsey

  6. This’ll trigger a few veganazis.

  7. newsflash ladies gentlemen can prepare and cook food stuff!

  8. I can't see anything. The video needs to be zoomed in more.

  9. That's the most well done piece of meat I've seen Gordon cook.

  10. C’mon Gordon… We’re watching this ‘cos we need help… define ‘low and slow’in the notes please… how many of the million viewers had to duckduck go, low and slow per kilo? – yep, I can rhyme too, but need your help to cook. P.s. love all your other vids.

  11. Love beef ? Done well Done finally

  12. 'Low oven' what does low mean?

  13. I tried this and it was disgusting! Nutmeg? This is no texas beef brisket.. I’ll stick to Paula Deens recipe

  14. "Low Oven" means… what? And how long?  Thanks a lot, Gordon. My brisket was RAW !!!!

  15. Did Gordon actually cook something well done?!!

  16. Which make pepper mill does he use?

  17. What is the oven temperature?

  18. Wow. So many people have seen this, it was made in 2014 (3 years ago) and only a little over 100 people disliked it. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!

  19. Fucking dry shit.
    Michelin stars my ass.

  20. Where's do you get the food from ? How do we get the purest and riches of food rather then all this process food that super stores sell .. just curious…. just buy it fresh ???

  21. I'm gonna try this… After I learn what temperature I need to put my oven in

  22. Hey yanks, we don't fucking care how you fat ignorant fucks like your brisket. We don't care if you're from Texas, why do you keep telling us that? Seriously you dumbass Texan redneck inbreds, stfu already, you're annoying.

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