Sizzle the Calories Away With This Dance-Party Workout

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  1. LOVE this workout! Really appreciate the low-impact modifications too!

  2. I did it all the way through, so proud??? didn‘t workout for a loong time so this was tough!!

  3. song when percent with Inna:WOW . beat can be on point with dance

  4. very good videos, it really gets you out of your comfort zone

  5. Wow great moves, great sweat on! I’ll definitely be doing it quite a few times to catch up to you guys! Thanks

  6. It was weird because I didn't sweat in this workout

  7. Looooove this video, Thanx and I hope for more!

  8. good routine for sweating. it was kind of boring to repeat the same moves several times.

  9. Awesome! Simone's workouts seems fun but to advanced, and now with the modifications option and Anna cheering up it is in reach (: Thanks for that and would love to see more of Simone's + Anna + Modification

  10. I am Thailand people living in Lao P.R.D ,smooch enjoy your VDO.

  11. My gym class made us do this today. I hated it.

  12. Slightly confusing. Not so well cued

  13. Simone is so great, but I find it distracting when Anna talks over her.

  14. Is she the coach in one of the revenge body ?

  15. Had so much fun with this dance workout, definitely going to do it again, even though it makes me sweat like a pig

  16. I love your channel, and the workout is great, but music is really not the best and with a different rhythm 🙂 For the rest I'm in love with this workouts!)

  17. Love the video! So fun and upbeat but having more dynamic and fun music would be a great addition

  18. Google chrome book commercial

  19. ugh.i can tell few minutes in…I wont like this one…

  20. Life is to persist and train! 🙂

  21. amazing! I did it this morning and I loved it! so much!!!

  22. I did the last four run throughs again! Lol. Amazing routine. Absolutely pouring with sweat. Haa-haa! Thank-you!

  23. how many calories does this burn?

  24. I love all of Simone's routines! This one, the Sweaty Betty routine, and I bought the two full lengths that are on BBS site. I completed this workout and though I felt awesome… I was seeing red spots for atleast 10 mins after! The scarlet clothing is too much, please keep this in mind for future vids!!

  25. This was so hard for me but I feel good that I finished it!

  26. I did up until I had 8 mins left 🙁 kept getting confused after they added on the other part

  27. I am a pretty mess! I'm sure I don't look my best, but it's crazy how amazing and confident you can feel after 45 minutes non-stop cardio!

  28. Can't stand this one the music is so soft and the awkward laughing and even more awkward moves. This instructor is the worst. I barely could feel the workout because the dance moves were just so stupid. I'd rather go out and run if I just want cardio. I prefer Nicole Steen for the dancing workouts she has a great personality and I have way more fun.

  29. ohh yeees it is so cool a dance workout with no music….

  30. All 315lbs of me just did this!! So can you, babes! ❤❤ BONUS: I downed an entire bottle of water during this!
    Gonna do another before dinner 😀 THANK YOU for this! The high impact is a big much for me, but I replaced some of the jumping parts with other pieces of the routine. Dont stop moving, even if you cant keep up! ❤???

  31. i love cardio dance workout because it increases my interest to do it comfortably

  32. Simone is such a great trainer, because she shows that she's also just a human and it's hard for her too.That's very motivating so you keep on going great job♥️

  33. I wish trainers would use real beginners to do the modified version of their workouts. This modifier was hopping and twisting just like everyone else. anyone with injuries please use your own discretion, waste of time following the "modifier"

  34. Wao lovly…..dancing workout…..i love it

  35. Am I the only one who just does not have the coordination to do dance videos, but tries them anyway?

  36. I LOVE this btw. Made me sweat like crazyyy. I was looking for something exactly like this. God bless y'all

  37. How do you know you're over confident? When you know you should've followed Alice

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