Sleek High Fashion Ponytail with Extensions


  1. You've gotten so much more comfortable behind the camera, love your old videos ❤️

  2. Desi on my god have you changed!! You seem so quite and innocent here! Still such a huge fan and watching a video from 2013?

  3. Baby Desi!!! Watching in 2018 ??

  4. Would this still look right on my short/medium hair?

  5. Omg her voice !! Lol. She's came so far so proud of her

  6. OH MY GOD love you now and then ❤️❤️

  7. Love this! What strength of pomade do you use?

  8. Whats the product shes using? Its noy in the description

  9. oh my sweet baby jesus what kinda gold have i found

  10. awww baby desi's customer service pitched voice is so cuuuuttteeeee haha

  11. I'm doing this for prom but with a Dutch braid (really tiny) in the front

  12. Aww!! Baby Desi!!! Who else is watching this in 2017!?

  13. Desi you were so young and shy ??

  14. your hairline gives me life, it looks sooo perfect.

  15. Commenting in 2016 xD lol love you desi!!

  16. can you list the names of the brushes and hair products you used thanks……

  17. After seeing that snatched ponytail. Had to come here!

  18. what the hell Desi! your voice hahahaha this is so funny! I love you <3

  19. The part that i mess up on is when i flip my head over to get all of the hair it just turns into a mess for me plzzz help

  20. Why do people keep hating on her makeup? She didn't put makeup on to impress you guys. She put it on for herself, because makeup is art. It is not there to impress you. It is there to just have fun with it and do artistic and new things. But I think she looks gorgeous and I bet she also looks amazing without makeup. So why hate on her makeup? If she likes it, then that is totally fine because it is her face and she can do whatever she wants with it and it's none of your guys' business:)

  21. Her makeup was a bit overboard, no offense.?

  22. Sorry but all the makeup is just wayyy too Fake looking. Why would you do that to yourself?

  23. You have came such a long way!

  24. it is fantastic! x thanks so much!

  25. what the fuck is with the hairline!!!! its friggin' gross!!!

  26. the way you have drawn a pencil line round ur head looks bate and bad

  27. You should do more hair tutorials 🙂

  28. Do you do anything to your hairline?

  29. awesome method!!! I'll be trying this!!!

  30. Just what I needed to see! Thank you for sharing! ?

  31. Absolutely love this video! can you please do some more hairstyle tutorials?

  32. You look just like jenifer lopez u two could be twins

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