Sleep Styler 1st Impressions & Review ((FAIL))

Okay guys, here is my 1st impression and review of The Sleep Styler. Spoiler alert: this video involves at least one fail!

You may recognize this product from shark tank. I missed the episode with this, but this ended up being an accidental “facebook made me buy it!” I saw it and I was instantly hooked. These are rollers for heatless curls, and I loved the idea so I decided to try it and review! Let me know what crazy product I should review next!

Products Used!

  • Sleep Styler
  • Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray
  • Wet Brush


  1. How did you lay in bed and sleep with these rollers ?

  2. I know one of the youtubers I watched used two packs

  3. i used to have long hair. im asian mind you, but it was down all the way down my back at points lol. after a shower, i would put my hair in a ponytail, THEN put my hair in a bandanna, then go to sleep. during the night, the bandanna would fall off. my hair would always be shiny and smooth. (you have to figure out how often you need to shampoo and condition, everyone is different also.) if i was walking around the house after a shower, i would leave towel on my back and let the hair dry long for 20 minutes or so.

  4. A good review. After reading many user reviews, I think the item that stood out the most was that your hair needs to be at least 80% dry. And there's a tendency for us to want to wrap them too tightly.

  5. you should have combed or brushed the pieces before wrapping them imo

  6. I tried these too but I really couldn't sleep through the night with them! I ended up taking them out in the middle of the night so I could sleep! ?

  7. She reminds me of Rosanna Pansino!!

  8. you are so freakin stupid.who rolls curlers on completely wet hair ? wow.

  9. I have really straight, fine hair that won't stay curled from heat for more than an hour, but I absolutely swear by the method of putting mousse on dry hair and sleeping with clip in rollers over night. It makes my hair stay curled for nearly a whole day which is a huge deal if you're a super straight sally like I am.

  10. ur hair was too wet..dont need wet hair for these hun x

  11. What do u expect u did it totally wrong

  12. This video is good. You really put time and effort into making a good test out of this product and give your honest opinion and I appreciate that.
    Also your spanish pronunciation is really neat, congrats 🙂

  13. Your reactions are funny ? just some Future tips ? it's not suppost to be damp it's suppost to be basically wet, watching other videos I noticed there hair would be quite wet, the crimps in the curlers is from putting them in too tight

  14. I've tried using them with wet hair and got good results after leaving them in forever (12hrs) which was not practical, then I tried them 80% wet and had no decent result except a few kinky misshapen bends. I guess I'll try nearly dry but cannot see how that could even do anything.

  15. it needs to be 80% dry child lol

  16. i would like to see it with completely dry hair and with hair that is dry but with like one spritz of water before putting them on.. and twist the hair and wrap it around..maybe it will help

  17. Your hair was too wet. No curl will hold at all unless it's 100% bone dry. You should just srpay it lightly rather than use on wet hair.

  18. Try putting them in with your hair dry!

  19. you didn't wrap the air tight enough

  20. I have to tell you! When I see that video is 13min long I was like 'whaaaat'… I end up watching this video and 100 more! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Will you give this product a second try? I've seen so many girls end up with GORGEOUS curls after using this product. Will you try it with dry hair and SLIGHTLY dampen it?

  22. Use drier hair and retry…let us know how it goes.

  23. I loVe these and they work amazing! But you can't do that much wetness, it's more of just a small amount of wetness, it's supposed to be like 80% dry so maybe try this with less wet hair and I think you'll get the results that a lot of people get

  24. Your hair was too wet, all videos I have seen of this product were successful, they all had almost dry hair

  25. Your hair was wayyy too wet. It's supposed to be like 90% dry

  26. Your hair is too wet. That is why it didnt work

  27. Your hair has to be like almost completely dry and it willl work!

  28. How were you questioning so hard what you did wrong? It's obvious your hair was too wet. ??‍♀️

  29. I THINK I noticed a difference from the first time you did it and the way I've seen it done. You'll know better than I, but could it be that you wrap your hair "flat" on the curler, which is more receptive to kinks? I think most ways I've seen people let the hair twirl on itself as they go around the curler. I can imagine that this way the rope of hair achieved would be less easy to dent by the strap.

  30. Your hair seems way to wet for these to work! The hair needs to be about 80-90% dry so that they'll work..

  31. It is user friendly and it works ! you just need to read the instructions…. hair must be more dry…

  32. if your hair was still too wet in the morning, you can use hair dryer (while the rolls are on)to help them dry well

  33. Your hair is too wet. It needs to be mostly dry. I would do it with dry hair and spray each section of hair with water to get it slightly damp before wrapping it on the roller.

  34. 60% dry and sleep. You did it all wrong

  35. I LOVE THESE! I have been using them for a few months now and they are great I would try again with your hair drier like 80-90 percent dry.

  36. I firmly believe you would have better results if;
    1) You did this on 90% dry hair
    2) You wrapped it more uniformly which wouldn't give you those "kinks"
    3) You didn't use bobby pins which is not helping your kink situation.

  37. 45 seconds into this video and im screaming thru my laptop that ur hair needs to be dryyy before u roll these in!!

  38. Someone who understands me! I HAAAAAAAAATE micro fiber!! ick!

  39. You seemed so optimistic and then your heart sank as you went on. Aww.

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