Smoked Out Eyelid Cut Crease Tutorial

Hey Friends ♡ I hope you all had a amazing Christmass! I got to spend it with my family and Vashand(my bf) his family. It was nice! ♡ So here’s some inspiration for New year’s eve or just any date you wanna wear it! I’m absolutely in love with how it came out. I’m not really sure what I will be doing with nye but we shall see! And by the way my makeup turned out very neutral with Xmas lol! I guess because I’m doing so many dramatic looks sometimes when I don’t work I just wanna keep it simple :-p Okay so enough ramble, I hope you enjoy the video ♡ And if you enjoy give it a thumbs up that would be very sweet!! ♡ xxxx

This look is inspired by Staceymariemua on instagram, She’s one of my favorite makeup artists.! She’s doing all of these reverse halo eyelooks and I love it! I wanted to give my own twist to it by doing a cutcrease in combination. Also pippathundow did a very similar look a while ago! She’s so talented!


  • ⇢ MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot
  • ⇢ theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette
  • ⇢ theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette
  • ⇢ theBalm Meet Matt(e) Ador Palette
  • ⇢ theBalm Scuba Mascara
  • ⇢ ABH Sienna Eyeshadow
  • ⇢ NYX Cosmetics Slide On, Glide on Eye pencil
  • ⇢ MAC pro longwear concealer
  • ⇢ INGLOT Gel Eyeliner
  • ⇢ Annytude Sultry Lashes, Code AN for discount