Smoked Out Winged Liner Glam Makeup Tutorial

Hey Cuties! ♡ I hope you like how this look came out. I have done something similar almost a year ago but without the glitter and smokey waterline. Hope you like this version. I absolutely love the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette. It contains shades which are also available individual so may there be some shades you really like you can also purchase them separately so you don’t have to buy this palette.However, I love this palette myself! Why? Because it contains a lot of my favorite shades by Makeupgeek. For example: Grandstand, In the spotlight, Tan Lines. Let me know if you want me to do another video using this palette, would love to do a soft full face makeup look tutorial using the same palette. But yeah, I think this is on of my favorite looks I have made, when I applied the glitter at first I was afraid I might ruined the look but I think its gives a nice glam twist! Okay I’ll stop now hahaha ♡ Much love for each and all of you that supports me! It means SO MUCH to me! XX AN



  • ⇢ Morphe M506 Brush
  • ⇢ Dose of colors pencil brush
  • ⇢ MAC 242 Brush
  • ⇢ Makeup Addiction Blending Brush