Smokey Daytime Glam Tutorial


  1. Hi Cuties! ♡ Yay a full face video again. Let me know what you think of me switching it up by doing video's like this using different products and do more video's focused on the eyes!! Love you

  2. can you do more like this video please

  3. wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful

  4. Such a talent!!! You should do more full-face tutorials as well!

  5. gorg. wish you'd upload more full face vids

  6. You can check out Duo Brush-On Adhesive With Vitamins by ardell ?

  7. Thank you for the full face video! I am a new subscriber and you're so gorgeous! Keep them coming!

  8. Hi!!! i've been watching ur videos for a couple days now and i'm loving it!!! You are so talented?? You have so much potential? I love you, all the way from Philippines!!!

  9. WOW u have some mad skillz!!! Amazing im going to try this x

  10. I love your channel. I think it's awesome you stick to what you're completely comfortable with. Seeing a channel that does only eyes totally sets you apart too! You're so talented!!

  11. love this your so beautiful!!!!

  12. Es bello pero el video está terrible

  13. Your crazy talented and love your video.

  14. I LOVE your tutorials, I watch them as soon as they come out. However, I am 54 yrs old and I can't wear make-up like you do. Lol I wish I could but I will ALWAYS watch your YouTube videos. You're extremely talented

  15. Hey! I love your makeup. Just a request can you please write down the shadw of your foundations please? That'll be a great help. Thanks!

  16. Stunning with and without make up! ? love it!

  17. You are so beautiful. Please show your face more. The makeup is stunning.

  18. Beautiful look? And yes, you definitely need champagne pop in your life, still one of my favorite highlighters ?

  19. Stunning! Absolutely love the full face tutorials please keep doing them ?

  20. I would love to see a cut crease using the urban decay naked heat palette if possible!!! You have some serious talent!!! I cannot stop watching your videos!!!! ????

  21. can you do a tutorial using the maybelline the blushed nudes palette?

  22. Have you ever tried the Duo glue the green one? I think that's latex free and it might not give you any eye irritation. Keep doing full face makeup tutorials please! You are gorgeous ?❤️❤️❤️

  23. Prachtige foundation! Gebruik de urban decay all nighter foundation maar ik vind hem te mat. Dus misschien is dit voor mij wel een betere variant ?

  24. Hey An! In a couple of weeks I will be a bridesmaid in a wedding. I'd love to see you do a bridesmaid tutorial!

  25. I think the only problem I had with this video was that we really only saw one side of your face! Obviously both sides look the same but I like seeing applications on both sides hahah love this look An! xo

  26. An I love when you do full face tutorials! Your makeup is so flawless!

  27. Please list all the brushes you use on your videos. Thanks!

  28. Such talent ! Your makeup looks have always been so clean and crisp! ??

  29. In elke video he zie je er zooo goed uitttt? whats ur secret i wanna knooooww ???

  30. you are so beautiful end got so much talent.i wish i could have some good makeup to try too.hou van jou.kussjes van romania.

  31. Just be yourself babe don't worry about what others think . You obviously know exactly what you are doing you know your products and you know how to apply them you are educating US. That's why we tune in into YouTube. Amazing job on this video !!!

  32. U need to get the moonstone becca highlighter. It's beautiful.
    And the lash glue, u can try koji. It's dry as fast as the huda beauty one.

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