1. Ignore how dark I look in this video! like I said I have the guide colour still on from my fake tan?

  2. Beautiful look for valentines day 🙂

  3. In my opinion this is the most flattering gorgeous eyeshadow look ? I love it!

  4. Awesome girl! Go watch my Valentine’s day Sexy makeup look tutorial ???

  5. What’s the brand of the mascara,I didn’t hear it that clear, thanks .

  6. I honestly have no idea why I’m watching this..I know my ass is gonna be alone on V-day..? but I looked up brown smoky eyes! And I’m IN LOVE with this eye look!!

  7. Love your makeup videos please follow my makeup account on instagram @makeupbyamberrx ??

  8. The makeup is amazing but you’re orange as trump omg

  9. Sooo stunning i love you so much???

  10. Why do you look so much like cass from skins

  11. OMG you are happy people ( promiň jsem z Francie)

  12. what where those lip colors you used i couldn't catch what you said??

  13. what where those lip colors you used i couldn't catch what you said??

  14. you sound like georgia from angus thongs and perfect snogging

  15. It actually pisses me off that you are that pretty

  16. What's that orange serum stuff you put on right after the eyeshadow is done?

  17. Girl u are SLAYIN' this look!! ??

  18. Please do an eyebrow tutorial!!!

  19. I love your skin color in this video! It looks like you went somewhere tropical…lol…But the look you created is gorgeous!

  20. please please please do a hair tutorial on this x so gorgeous

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