Smokey Eyes + Classic Red Lips | Holiday Makeup Tutorial


  1. I follow many makeup gurus and came across you. Absolutely love your down to earth personality and tutorials. 🙂

  2. just subscribed to u…ur amazing and really pretty…n have flawless beautiful skin

  3. you are so beautiful inside and out ❤ also, you look pretty without any makeup. Bless you and your husband. I hope you have a AMAZING trip to New York :3 I'm a new subbie, and I'm so happy I have found your channel!!!!!

  4. You are so gorgeous! I love the new background! Flawless look girly 🙂

  5. Always looking beautiful, Manda! I love this holiday's makeup and you look so fabulous with that colour contacts <3 Kiss from Italy!

  6. Simplicity and beauty personified, not stress this enough O_O! You're really beautiful! I leave you a like <3 <3 <3 <3! if you want to go to my channel! <3 <3 <3

  7. Def gonna try this out! Love love love your videos, girl! You're gorgeous.

  8. What's your nationality? So gorgeous

  9. Love you girl!! Always looking amazing <33

  10. Your so beautiful!!!!???? can you come by my channel and check out ky videos? I am trying to reach up to at least 500 subbies before new years

  11. I need to find my perfect red! I love how your make up looks give us variety to choose from. There's no look that repeats itself. Great work.

  12. Fantastic job. Keep up the great work. I did a lookbook and makeup tutorial on my channel if you can go check it out. I love the makeup look the colors look beautiful. I love the Santa hat.

  13. Omg I love this look you are sooooo beautiful! The color contacts look good on you!

  14. Fabulous look! Love that lipstick on you

  15. Your sooo damn pretty!!<3 love that red lip on you!

  16. Really love this video!!!! I have a channel too! If you subscribe to my channel, I will definitely subscribe back!

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