Smokey Eyes ft. Tartelette in Bloom Palette


  1. omg the best makeup video ever yes honey

  2. obsessed with you and obsessed with this look ….please please please could you tell me which contacts these are ..they are absolutely stunning

  3. i love it…so fresh and beautiful
    blush??? what is't?

  4. Love the look so much! What lenses are u wearing in here?

  5. Tartelette palette is still on my wish list. I love how you used your Fix+ to go over your highlight. I am going to try that ? Undressed lipgloss looks gorgeous on you ?

  6. where did u get the top…so cute!!

  7. where did u get the top…so cute!!

  8. You're absolutely stunning ! I love the look ♥
    Where did you got your contact lenses from ? & What's the name of the color ? ♥

  9. You are gorgeous!!! Love your channel 🙂

  10. you're so gorgeous!! Can you do a video explains each of you lashes from the lashbox please! I really want to order some, but I always have a problem trying to find the right type of lashes for day & night lol. I do like dramatic lashes but at the same time looking natural (if that makes any sense haha). But i love me some big lashes when going out!!! Thank you love xoxoxoxo

  11. i love love love this look! 🙂

  12. That highlight tho❤️ love the look

  13. I like this background! Goes well with the makeup the look! So excited The Lash Box is restocked

  14. Marvelous, flawless look!!! Thank u for the highlighter tip.

  15. I love this look! It's so beautiful.

  16. I wished I can do makeup girl you always on point lol

  17. Once again, such a beautiful look! Love it. Keep it up!

  18. found you from instagram! love your channel 🙂

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