Smokey Golden Cut Crease Tutorial – ABH PRISM PALETTE

So I think we all know how much hate their previous palette called “The Subculture Palette” got. So I’m sure you all wanna know how this palette is compared to that one. I personally did not hate the Subculture palette but I do feel it was kinda hard to work with because the eye shadows all were veeery intensely pigmented so a little went a long way. I think this palette is very user-friendly. I had no problems using this palette whatsoever. Also compared to the ABH subculture and modern renaissance palette had way less fall out so they definitely improved that. If I had to choose 1 palette out of Modern, Subculture of the Prism. I think I personally like Prism the most, on place 2. Modern. I think this palette is also nice but it has more fall out then Prism but both have lots of warm shades. And on place 3 Subculture. I only have subculture on place 3 because it contains lots of greens, and I feel green doesn’t suit my eyes and because it’s not really use friendly for many people. I hope this is helpful.

Decide for yourself if you feel like you need this palette just know that you don’t have to worry about the quality. I think it’s really nice and I can’t imagine if this palette gets a lot of hate. Also for those who wonder about my experience working with ABH in LA last week. It was really cool! I had to honor to play with this palette before it was launched and I made a cool video which will hopefully go up on their instagram soon. I can’t wait to see it. We also filmed a few other video’s but once they will post it on their Instagram I’ll be reposting them on my own instagram as well!
Thanks for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed. ♡ My first Halloween video is going up this upcoming sunday. Lots of love, An! XX

p.s. Music by Da Tooby for those who wonder ♡