Smoky Marble Nails (no water needed, easy!)


  1. Thank you so much for making this!

  2. Do you wait for the base coat to dry first?

  3. I'm gonna try this later!

  4. you know what hannah I am so obsessed with your nail designs and nail shape…?
    I can't stop watching your videos…❤❤
    I wish I could also have nail shape like you…???

  5. I gotta say, when I first saw how easy it was, I was expecting me to screw it up somehow, but it turned out amazing! Thank you so much for this video!!!

  6. i am definitely gonna try this one! another great tutorial ??

  7. It's 2:26 am… My alarm goes off at 5… I don't even have nails… What am I here for?

  8. best nail artist i have ever known u r so taleneted u r my favourite…

  9. I don't care if this doesn't work but I'm definitely trying it tomorrow when I paint my nails. It is so easy and looks amazing.

  10. What can I use instead of the plastic wrap

  11. Wow!!  I did it – and they look pretty good!  Thank you!

  12. Love this effect! 🙂 Just did it on my nails with a dark grey, light grey and pink and I think it turned out well considering I used mainly dark!

  13. What other color combinations would you recommend with this? 

  14. oh this look so much easier than the toothpick swirling technique … 🙂 plus the Baggie picks up the extra polish too… Love it!

  15. WOW. That's really effective. Love it !!

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