Smoky Pulled Pork with Chipotle Mayonnaise | Gordon Ramsay

Complemented with a raw broccoli slaw and crushed cheesy potatoes, this is an incredible dish for parties. Slow cooking the pork keeps it juicy and helps it just melt in your mouth. Delicious.


  1. This dude uses olive oil as lube ??

  2. Good girl ????‍♀️????‍♀️????????

  3. Amazing dish… The neste chef

  4. Then Gordon accidentally dropped it all.

  5. "Cmon let me taste some before we go""Ok""Dont tell mom"SUME THING BERRY KINKY GOING ON SLUP SLUP

  6. My mom is a very good cook she even has a cookbook she copied when she was 12 for fun she still has it and she still watches cook vids and she doesn't even try to cook them … She has 200 pages long

  7. Good genes you have there,Gordon.

  8. Megan: dad can we try some before it goes to the table.
    Gordon: megaaaan
    Megan: don't tell mum.
    Gordon : honestly

  9. When u watch this but want to be a business man and it somehow rivals it and ur like fuck being a chef id rather be a baller Reality: ends up running a corner shop selling sweets and fags to people on benefits

  10. When your dad is a world class chef …and u get to eat world class food daily…!!!❤❤

  11. Who's Megan's boyfriend show us a picture of him

  12. If i would have been blind lisning to this, i would think this was a pornmovie

  13. I'd eat that all on my own. Seriously how small are the portions.

  14. What is smoked tipoli? What he adds after the honey?

  15. Gordon: Promise me, you wont give the recipie to your boyfriend
    Megans Boyfriend: searches the tutorial on youtube

  16. Why does he say Honestly 3 times when she says lets try a little? who says Honestly that many times?

  17. Can she just tie her hair up? I'm stressing

  18. I dont know enough about food but i love to see this kind of father daughter relationship

  19. Did you and your wife have sex in the cut scene

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