Soft Duo-Chrome Purple Cut Crease

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  1. What brushes did you use for your eyes & concealer??? Love the look btw

  2. Girl you should definitely do a longer, talk thru on this look! It is too gorgeous and now that its spring 2016, its perfect!!!!!! That pop of color you've been predicting for this year! <3

  3. Love your style and creativity. You always put a smile on my face whenever I feel burned out. I'll be getting married in June and would love for you to be my makeup designer!!!!

  4. omg i looooove this, so colourful and creative.

  5. I love this makeup look so much, more color

  6. Your foundation looks so flawless

  7. I really loved this different look. It looked effortless and stunning.

  8. you're gorgeous Desi!!!

  9. What's the name of this song

  10. I love your makeup ? when i try to be flawless like you i see my face paint pot its so unfair ahah

  11. Do you ever do any drug store tatorials? Just curious because not everyone can afford brand name makeup. And I haven't seen any drug store videos by u

  12. I loveeee your hair like this! You should wear it this way more offen

  13. I'm so sorry about your dog <3 this style of tutorial is actually really fun to watch!

    Im a brand new subscriber and I already love you.
    I'm truly so sorry for your loss, your doggy will forever live in your memories.
    I'm looking foward to all your videos I'm about to watch and the future ones to come.
    Thank you

  15. You look like Jennifer Lopez. You' re beautiful. Wonderful. Your videos are super and they are helping me in make up 🙂

  16. gorgeous makeup. Great skin i like it your naked skin.

  17. Love this look ! You are gorgeous desi ? i love your face ?

  18. This is probably the thousandth time I've watched this video because I effin love this look!!!!!!!!! Be jealous Katie, be jealous. Lol!!! Love u forever and always Desi!!! ❤️

  19. Hey I sent you a Snapchat friend request and asked you if you could make a junior high – high school makeup tutorial, idk if you got it or not, any I asked Kathleen lights and she hasn't answered me yet, so let me know ASAP ty!

  20. Ohhhhh Desi so sorry to hear about your doggie.  Breaks my heart I can see how much you loved your baby.

  21. Love the way Thor eyes look like they are glowing and lit up.  Loves it esp on such a pretty girl

  22. Looks very "Christina Aguilera." And I love Christina. I really liked the makeup.

  23. Would love some feedback on my channel check it out and lmk what I can do better thanks ?

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