Soft French Pink & White Sculptured Nail


  1. This looks so natural, beautiful job

  2. You do such beautiful work. Love it.

  3. Your work is flawless <3

  4. me gustan mucho como llevas siempre las uñas

  5. I keep staring at your rings. They are so ???

  6. Love your video. … you are a beautiful person inside out

  7. I've bought this pink. It does not blend like her other acrylic.

  8. I moved to Charleston SC and cannot find a Tammy Taylor nail tech anywhere and I miss those pink and whites

  9. Hi mrs Tammy Taylor, I look for color pink powder on your nail this video, can I have the name of pink powder on your hand to order?thanks

  10. Nobody does a pink and white nail like TAMMY TAYLOR! TOU ARE THE QUEEN ? OF NAILS ??Thank You for such amazing product!???

  11. Love your instructional videos. As artists we all have our favorite tips and tricks. Your videos always bring me back to critical basics

  12. Absolutely love your vids ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Hi,very nice nails,So where can I buy the kit from,,?

  14. Thanks Tammy! I always learn something from your videos <3

  15. Love it. And more detailed info more please ?

  16. That's a really beautiful nail.

  17. Tammy you are such an inspiration!!!!!! I LOVE your work and your brushes are the best!!!!!! Thank you for all your videos!! Xoxo

  18. I have these 2 powders, & they go together perfectly. TT products are so good that they sell themselves. I love that TT doesn't sponsor anyone on YT, to use her products. When a product is good, it eventually sells itself. TT has been in this industry for a long time, & her company has survived & thrived because she offers products that are great, & on trend. I should be TT marketer!

  19. What a beautiful nail! A+ topcoat is the prettiest finish on pink and whites! Seeing it on video does not do it justice. When you see it in person it's absolutely gorgeous!

  20. This is so good! Thanks for sharing

  21. looks so nice and simple elegance

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