Soft Glam Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hi my loves! I uploaded another Valentine’s day makeup tutorial for you, thought this one was really simple and easy to recreate but definitely nice and glam! Hope you enjoy it, I LOVE YOU!!

love, Manda

Products Used:

Thank you for watching! I love you, xoxo


  1. Did you use New lightning which one do you use now honey you look always stunning ❤ and did you use some tan products? +loveemanda

  2. Hey I'm your friend's little sister dey…I'm in her snaps

  3. new subscriber here.. you are gorgeous

  4. Can I wear this contour + highlight everyday? 🙂

  5. Purchasing these lashes tomorrow!! Awesome stuff chica! ?

  6. Where do you get your eye contacts they are soooo lovely

  7. your so beautiful!! love this look <3

  8. Omg i Love that look? and omg Justin??? and are the Kylie Liquid lipstick good?

  9. Hi amanda, request dong. Makeup tutorial utk outdoor wedding yg fresh dan gak terlalu heavy. Jarang nemu tutorial wedding makeup dgn tone warna kulit org Indo. Tengkyuuu..

  10. Could you do a eyebrow tutorial? Love your brows!

  11. You're so beautiful! Can you please share what you use to film? (Camera, lighting) and give us a tour of your setup? Also, please do a makeup collection! Looking forward to more vlogs!

  12. I love this look on you! Will def give it a try 🙂

  13. I wish I was this good at makeup.:( You should do my makeup sometime because you are like a pro!:)

  14. What brush did she use for the highlight?

  15. You look absolutely stunning, I'm so recreating this look???

  16. So effortless ? love this look!

  17. LOVE this look <3 I also love your top!! where'd you get it from?

  18. Gorgeous Soft Glam tutorial ?

  19. Where are your contact lenses from and what shade?
    Any small youtubers want to support each other??

  20. Oh I'm gonna do this look soon as I get up its so cold rn lol love it as always. ??

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