Soft Glowy Summer Nights Makeup Tutorial

We ARE LIVE! You can now purchase the Lemonade Collection!! How crazy and exciting! I can’t wait to see your guys looks with the collection make sure to #DOMINIQUECOSMETICS so we can LIKE and POST your looks!

S H O P l B E L O W

  • Lemonade Palette $42
  • Glosses $17 ea.
  • Lemonade collection $98
    Includes: Palette and all 4 glosses
  • All 4 Gloss bundle $60
    Includes: Peach tea, Pink lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Tea


  • Farsali Rose Gold Elixir Drops $54
  • Jouer High coverage Foundation $38
    Shade: Almond
  • The Balm Schwing Liner $17
  • Le Celine Lashes in style Celeste $39
  • Butter London Oh My How High Mascara $20
  • KKW Concealer $18
    Shade: 5
  • Beauty blender blusher $16
  • Sapphire beauty blender 420


  • Alery Collection $22
    Style: Buena Nochel


  1. LOVE this look!! OMG perfect ???love ur little inspo at the end❤️❤️

  2. Oh no! How can I order from London? Can't find anywhere. Us londoners are doomed! 🙁

  3. I watch all your videos and love the way how you motivates us definitely u are such an inspiration…i hope the best for you ..thankkk you for your words♥️♥️♥️


  5. That eyelook is stunning! Congratz to a amazing second launch, Lemonade collection make me feel all sorts of things, its absolutly everything! ?? aaaaand! I love the varm ish brown hair on you!!!

  6. Excellent Makeup Tutorial, Very Stunning, Flattering and Flawless Cosmetics, just Absolutely Gorgeous and Glamorous, Loved it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐❤

  7. So happy for you! This collection looks BOMB ❤️

  8. So glam look..woww…also congrats ???… really awesome ur hair color

  9. Love this! Now I want to see a video using cucumber 😛

  10. Love this look. You look beautiful ❤️

  11. So happy for you….i will buy all collection❤love lemonade

  12. Already have the latte … craving for the lemonade??????

  13. Can we find your collection in Dubai??

  14. Just got that stunning palette
    That's so amazing
    I think it's my favourite 1 this year❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Christen, I love you the most and the Lemonade collection is gorgeous! But as a Hindi speaker, I find "Chai tea" so hilarious! It's like saying the same thing twice! ?

  16. I love your new palette! Super unique ??

  17. This collection would not suit black people skins…

  18. Congratulations I cant think of a person more deserving I wish all the success

  19. Love this makeup look? das vibes ?

  20. All your looks look the same esp in your thumbnails

  21. Your so pretty! what kind of contacts r you using?

  22. you define gorgeousness, yup you are the definition of being gorgeous

  23. I really love your lemonade collection .I really love your love your vid you are such a good inspiration for me i reallllllyyyy love u

  24. U look sooo beautiful….I want this gloss.???? but is it available in India?????

  25. Okay Cutie pie!! I'm gonna do this look in my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a heart??

  26. So gorgeous ❤
    Can't wait to get mine ❤

  27. I order it when l saw this video

  28. I don't y but i feel u look like selena gomez that's weird right but it is

    Nd yes yes yes ur lips???

  29. Loved the look ? and I can't wait to get the lemonade collection

  30. Today you inspired me for the straight hair look. You're gorgeous! I love you <3

  31. east or west dominique cosmetics palettes are the best…….☕????

  32. I love how you can use that one very light shade in your palette for under your eyes as a powder to set concealer and anywhere else on your face. This is definitely a palette for me because I love tea and I love the names of the colors.
    Peach is such a warm color it really will go with any skin tone. You said you could feel your lashes touching your eyebrows and I'm thinking just trim them a little. Congratulations on your palette and those lipcolors would be perfect for me, because I'm not a thick heavy lipstick wearer!! Love you Christen!??❤

  33. This look is soooo amazing.. i am in love?????

  34. Soo proud of you!! Gorgeous????

  35. Im watching at 12:21 A.M. & im sad because I dont have your pallet yet ? but Ima try to do something similar for my birthday dinner later on with my boyfriend ???? #19today

  36. love this pallette!! Where did you get your contacts from ??

  37. Seriously one of my favorite looks you’ve ever done ????

  38. you look so young and dewy and beautiful! So happy for you with this launch, i'm gonna get myself that gloss!

  39. I love your videos very much?????

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