Soft Pink Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial

HEY CUTIES! ♡ I received the new Anastasia Beverly hills collection today so wanted to get this review up asap since it just launched on their website. I hope can help you with this video to decide if you wanna purchase anything or not. ♡ Tutorial using the palette is going up tomorrow and another one later this week.

Hope you enjoyed the video and let me know if you want me to do more of these reviews. Also I’m curious to know if you prefer a review video like this with the actual tutorial where I use the eyeshadows included. LOVE YOU! ♡♡♡


  1. Hey Cuties! Thanks for watching today's video. Hope you enjoy this soft but glamorous cut crease! ?❤️ Much love for all of you!

  2. Beautiful eyeshadow look, love your videos An!

  3. Love, Love and Love this tutorial. You have skills.

  4. I always enjoy watching your videos

  5. very nice girl just subscribed you should subscribe to my channel ?

  6. Love it girl you’re the best ??

  7. An can you please do a video with either the thirsty palette or the blood sugar palette by jeffree star cosmetics pleasee!!

  8. An it's so pretty!!! ??❤????

  9. Plz write product name description box and company name also plzzzz

  10. Oooooh ??? so beautiful ❤️❤️

  11. Which phone or camera do u use for videos for YouTube and pics for Instagram's and do u use any lighting for it tutorials ? And what about apps do u use for editing

  12. Beautiful eye look…and those eyelashes ?❤❤

  13. hey An you should turn the music in your videos down a tad. it startled me just listening to your commentary and then music pops on and its like 20 times louder. lol love this tho

  14. Am here till you make 1M subscribers. YOU DESERVE IT.

  15. What makes you such a wonderful makeup artist is that you have such beautiful color combination eyeshadow looks! You have such great precision and steady hands..just beautiful An..keep up the great work you do! ????

  16. Stunning and beautiful. I love it.

  17. Absolutely Gorgeous!! As always ?
    I'm gonna have to get this palette ??

  18. I haven't watched your videos for so long for personal issues, but I promise that I'll watch the ones I missed one by one. Another lovely look An?????????

  19. What lashes are you using in this video?❤

  20. haiii….i am from indonesia …. pink so cute love it ,,, ??..?

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