Soft Smoked Out Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hey love’s! For todays video I teamed up with Kiko Milano. Kiko milano is celebrating their 20 year existence and decided to team up with VOGUE! They come out with 7 limited edition which are in collaboration with international designers.
In today’s video I show you the LESS IS BETTER collection which is by Super Duper Handmade hats.

The LESS IS BETTER collection is inspired by the Nude trend: No makeup – make up. A collection that makes you naturally flawless.


  1. An I really love to watch your videos they're so relaxing to watch and very educational nothing about you or your videos bothers me in anyway possible. I know there are ignorant people out there that have the crudest comments sometimes but pay no attention to them… seriously they must really not like their self much… plus how can you judge someone that's as sweet as you. keep doing your thing and bring me more…I love the soft natural look especially without the eyelashes which is totally over rated… lol

  2. hi hello i love all of your makeup looks and wish i was as talented as you are but i also really wanna know… WHAT SONG DID YOU USE??? heheh thank you (-:

  3. Loved it!! Very simple yet STUNNING!!! You did a fabulous job with those products!!!! Great great work!!!!!

  4. An, I am devistated! I went to & found all the beautiful products there, only to discover they do not distribute to my country… Australia. I just love that eyeshadow palette & several other products from this Less is Better line. Browsing the UK website I found so many products I would love to buy & their prices are really good. Decent cosmetics are so expensive in Australia but I could afford these products. So disappointing

  5. You're so talented!!! Love your videos? Can you do a video about your favorite makeup brushes??

  6. Hey, what kind of eyeshadow primer you prefer bc every time I put on eyeshadow you can see the wrinkles can somebody help me

  7. I really like that you've done to look without wings liner or lashes, you should do more, this is gorgeous! XX

  8. This is something different and I like it! I'm willing to try this because it's a lil easier for me and gives off an effortless look! I love your tutorials An, thank you!!!!! ??

  9. Absolutely amazing ? An knook??

  10. Skillzzzzzzzzzz✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?

  11. An yours is one of the few channels I subscribe to but it's worth it! I am obsessed with makeup myself, and went to beauty school. I wonder did you get any training or anything? You're so talented! Also you just seem really sweet and I can chill out and listen to/watch your videos at night because your voice is calming. A lot of other channels are too loud lol. Keep being wonderful and awesome! Also I'm having a hard time with the cut creases, could you do a super simple one for me?? I'd so appreciate. Love from America. ?

  12. An, this look is so beautiful! I love your tutorials!

  13. تشبه الهنود الحمر . …رؤؤؤؤعه

  14. A melhor maquiladora e mais perfeita.

  15. You are SOO pretty girl! Love this video and your channel! 🙂

  16. I was just thinking , would be awesome to see how your makeup looks in real , (made by you not recreated by me or someone) 😀 i am intrigued if they come out as perfect as we see them in videos , i m sure they are pretty close if not the same tho 😀

  17. This look is very pretty on you too. Very soft.

  18. your so beautiful. I love your eyes

  19. can't wait to see your coming vlog 😀 this week

  20. I adore you, really. But I think that you put too much foundation on your face and the wrong colour.. your face is yellow. I don't like it. And you have a beautiful skin.. however, your eyes make up are always gorgeous. bye 😀 :*

  21. What is there to dislike? Ugh haters

  22. the eyes turned out nice?

  23. Love it!!! Simple but still gives a great look to the eye!!

  24. I love and respect ur skills, I will stop what im doing to take ur class!? This look is a success because of ur awesome skills! First) there is not enough shades (shown) for my skin tone. Second) A couple of the lipsticks might work. Third) That hard to use eye pencil, pencil, brush, then finger to get it on ur eye? Nope?! The eye shadows looks like they should be used in a beauty school foe beginners. Just my thoughts! I don't like the make-up.? Luv U tho??

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