Soft Wearable Glam Makeup Tutorial – Lunar Beauty LIFE’S A DRAG palette!

HEY CUTIES!! ♡ First of all thank you all so much for the love on my latest video. I wanted to upload another video asap showing a more wearable look since the last one is super dramatic. I hope you like how it turned out! ♡♡ Much love for all of you.


  • ⇢ Nars Cosmetics Longwear Radiant foundation
  • ⇢ Tarte Cosmetics shape tape concealer Light Medium
  • ⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Vanilla and Banana powder
  • ⇢ MAC Soft ocher paint pot
  • ⇢ Tarte Cosmeticcs shape tape concealer Rich
  • ⇢ Makeupforever Super Matte loose powder
  • ⇢ Lunar Beauty LIFE’S A DRAG Eyeshadow palette
  • ⇢ Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
  • ⇢ Zoeva Karnat eyepencil
  • ⇢ Annytude Puffy Lashes
  • ⇢ NYX Super Matte liquid eyeliner
  • ⇢ Charlotte Tilbury Medium Powder
  • ⇢ theBalm take home the bronze Oskar
  • ⇢ Morphe Pop in blush , Blushing babes
  • ⇢ Amrezy X Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter
  • ⇢ MAC Stripdown lippencil
  • ⇢ Dose of colors Can you Not lipgloss


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    HEY CUTIES!! ♡ First of all thank you all so much for the love on my latest video. I wanted to upload another video asap showing a more wearable look since the last one is super dramatic. I hope you like how it turned out! ♡♡ Much love for all of you.

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  2. I've just uploaded a new eyelook tutorial IN DEPTH , please check it out on my YouTube channel and let me know your thoughts❤?????kisses!?

  3. Pretty soon you'll be over a MILLION subscribers which you truly deserve. You're amazing with your color choices and blending.

  4. I use the XO beauty solid brush cleaner. Its from Shaaanxo's brand and its absolutely AMAZING. No matter how dirty my beauty blender is the brush cleaner makes it as good as new every single time and it takes less than a minute to get it clean too. On top of that it leaves my beauty blender smelling amazing. Its not an annoying smell either its a very subtle and clean smell. I very very very very highly recommend it.

  5. Hoi An! Ik gebruik altijd een beetje dreft of babyshampoo om mijn beautyblender schoon te maken. Klinkt misschien raar maar ik meng dit met een beetje water in een kopje en dan doe ik het samen met de beautyblender 20-30 seconden in de magnetron? als je daarna de zeep er goed uitwast met lauwwarm water onder de kraan is ie als nieuw!

  6. Zote soap. Very cheap and u can get it right at any Walmart store. The bar is huge and lasts a long time and works wonderfully! Def worth a try! It is found in the laundry detergent area but it truly works great!

  7. This is my new favorite look that you've done! You looked so pretty! I loved this look so much that as soon as I get my palette I want to try to recreate this look! I hope I can look as half as beautiful as you do!

  8. Try the Milani blush in the color Luminoso! It's my favorite!

  9. To clean my beauty blender I use the Zote soap (I believe you can get it at Walmart) it is like the beauty blender solid but waaaay cheaper!! I also use it for my brushes and they smell so good and stay soft

  10. Amazing soft and cute. Thank you for sharing An. ♡♡♡

  11. I hope your grandparents are doing okay. I loved your look in the video.

  12. I agree! I wish there was a big device out that would clean and sterilize your brushes and beauty blenders! One that was big enough to hold 100 brushes lol. Heck if I'm going to dream then I would want it to have them come out dry too! I mean we have dishwashers for dishes so why not a brush washer lol.

  13. Magnifique vous êtes géniales bisous de france

  14. An you are so talented!!! I love your videos and how you explain everything! ❤️

  15. An always gorgeous ?. The look you created fits perfect for a everyday look. And I hope all is well with your grandparents. So I'm touching in agreeing with others all around for a healing and for you to stay strong in God. Jesus is the healer who can do it all. In Jesus name AMEN ??

  16. I hope your grandparents get well. About your MAC blushes, you can depot them and put it in a magnetic palette, there's a lot of videos on how to depot eyeshadows , which is the same as blushes, or buy them in the pan only, without the packaging, they're cheaper and ready to put them in a magetic palette.

  17. Always feel free to try new product. I personally enjoy your Channel for your artistry. Every time that I want to do an eyeshadow look, I look up one of your videos, I think I have a whole playlist of mostly your tutorials. 🙂 it is nice that you use a lot of the same products. It makes it easier to follow along, instead of every single day it's a new primer or a New Foundation.

  18. THE BEAUTY BLENDER SOILD. it’s soooo good!!

  19. too faced chocolate solei bronzer…too faced ethereal face powder…..I love drug store mascara…blush is from tarte..any of the clay ones are beautiful…jouier highlighters are goregous

  20. Reviews will be great, with not so expensive products, just to helps us, ppl like me ? new in the world of cosmetics Tks

  21. beauty blender has a soap special for the beauty blender. they sell it at sephora

  22. Als je de Nars foundation fijn vind weet ik zeker dat je de Maybelline superstay 24hr foundation geweldig zou vinden! De RCMA No color powder is ook mega fijn om mee te baken. Het merk MUA van de kruidvat heeft hele mooie highlighters ?

  23. How to clean your beauty blender . I have the MOST AMAZING EASY SIMPLE way .in the supermarket , in the baby’s section , there are soap cubes ( the natural one) . Just wet both the soap and the blender , then run the blender on the cube back and forth , in all sides of the blender . You probably need to do the process under running water in different stages . I guarantee you ,you’ll have a very clean blender with no makeup on it. The kat van di is an AMAZING pallet . I’ve been using it for two years along with other high end different ones, but I find it the best in terms of texture and color payoff ..

  24. Wow that turned out beautiful and you are just stunning ? Hope all is well for your grandparents ❤️

  25. You look beautiful in this look.

  26. By Patricia:
    I first clean any beauty sponges and makeup brushes with Dawn Dishwashing liquid soap (blue) to strip the makeup and oil. Then, I was the beauty sponges and makeup brushes with Philosophy's Purity cleanser to make everything smooth and soft. Sometimes, I only use Dawn dishwashing soap and other times I only use Philosophy's Purity cleanser.

  27. Best beauty blender cleaner is the actual beauty blender cleanser solid… not the liquid. I buy the big jar of the solid (it’s black instead of white). I believe it has charcoal and it takes two seconds to get all the grid out of my beauty sponges especially caked on concealer and heavy foundations. It’s the only thing that has worked without effort and I have tried everything from bar soaps like dove and zote to coconut oil to other cleansing products… nothing else compares to the beauty blender cleanser solid. I also use it on my brushes because it keeps them soft and doesn’t dry them out. It’s my holy grail of makeup tool cleansers.

  28. Really awesome video!! Cool toned and wearable look…Wishing your grandparents to get well soon and be in good health!!

  29. Hey girl hey from the great U.S.A. I am not sure if you can order from WalMart but if you can you should order Zote soap. My WalMart has it in the laundry isle. It is a large pink bar of soap. This stuff works great for the BB! If you can not get it let me know and I will send you a bar! Super cheap also!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous..reminds me of a bridal look, very glamorous but not over done..just curious An but have you done a bridal tutorial before? I don't recall seeing one by you? I hope your grandparents get well soon sweetie and prayers for them both! ??

  31. Hermosoooooo me encantó???? !!!!!

  32. Try the solid beauty blender bar. They black one. I use it on all my beauty sponges. Does wonders!

  33. My prayers go out to you and your family ??

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