Essential Spain Travel Tips: What to Do, What to See, and More

Over 30 million international tourists visited Spain in 2021. It’s not surprising that tourism will soon be back to pre-pandemic levels in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

Spain is a fantastic choice for travelers seeking year-round sun and diversity. Culture vultures, beach bums, and everyone can find something to love about Spain.

But if you’ve never visited Spain before, you’ll soon find the task of planning a trip daunting. There’s so much to see and do!

Lucky for you, these Spain travel tips will give you plenty of inspiration and some logistical advice, too.

Spain Travel Tips: Where to Go

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The best place for you to visit in Spain depends on the type of vacation you want. Let’s break down all the main tourist destinations and what kind of traveler they suit:

  • Madrid for foodies, LGBTQ+ community, and museums lovers
  • Barcelona for craft beer fans, beach bums, and music lovers
  • Northern Spain for off the beaten path travelers and fans of cooler weather
  • Southern Spain for religious travel and all-inclusive vacationers
  • Spanish islands for party goers and water sports nuts

If you love all-inclusive breaks then you have a lot of options in Southern Spain. Follow this link if you want to check them out.

One of the best Northern Spain travel tips anyone can give you is to not travel in winter. Spain has a reputation for having a warm year-round climate, but this is not true. Only Southern Spain has this climate and the north can be quite cold.

What To Do in Spain

What To Do in Spain

Do as the Spanish do and be sure to take a break from exploring in the afternoon for a siesta. Many shops and restaurants close during this time so it’s the perfect opportunity for a power nap.

This wouldn’t be a helpful list of Spain travel tips without mentioning food and drink. Try tapas (small plates) in Southern Spain and Madrid but it’s called pintxos in Northern Spain. Follow these dishes with churros and wash them down with a glass of sangria or dry vermouth.

You might also want to go to a flamenco club in Southern Spain or a soccer game in Madrid or Barcelona. Another one of the best international travel to Spain tips: they call it football!

Safety Tips for Traveling to Spain

Traveling to Spain

Spain is as safe as any other European country and, in many ways, it’s much safer than the US. But tourists can be a target for petty crimes like pickpocketing and street scams.

Keep your money and phone in a pocket in your bag and keep your bag where you can see it. Split up your credit cards into different parts of your bag. That way, if someone were to steal your wallet, you’ll have backup cards.

Plan Your Next Trip!

Spain is a beautiful and vibrant country that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. And now you know all the best Spain travel tips, you’re sure to have a fantastic vacation!

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