Sparkling Gemstone Nails

Hi guys! In today’s video I’ll be showing you how to DIY this stunning, sparkling nail art design. This manicure reminds me of gemstones, so that’s how I named it 😉 Hope you enjoy this quick DIY!


  1. Your nail designs are always gorgeous love u!!!!!

  2. I havent updated on her videos in 8 months!

  3. what if I don't have those colors or that brand package?

  4. You need a lot more subscribers

  5. This is epic and so cool also pretty it kinda looks like a nail design like art ya nail art or tin foil anyway I love you I am your biggest fan I love nails and nail art well I am not that great at it and why did you put the sliver base just put sparkle and colot

  6. Can we do this with other colors?

  7. Who else thought it looked pretty even at 1:05?

  8. omg I seriously thought that that was like a home or something omg

  9. Whats the glitter she used?

  10. So beautifull and easy!! Thanks! Love u, Sandi!! ❤️

  11. WHO HERE LIKES PENTATONIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! being random as usual

  12. You should do broken ice nails! <33 Love you xoxo!

  13. I love u cutpolish I do my nails but I all ways end up butting them can u do a how to not bite ur nails

  14. I think I've seen on Pintrest using markers to make this look.

  15. do you have to do a metallic silver background?
    I dont really have silver, which is a disappointment, but I have white and other glitter!


  17. DOCTOR WHO NAILS?? 😀 (by the way loved this)

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