Special Occasion Up-do for Spring

I hope you guys love this special occasion updo for spring! Tell me below where you would wear this hairstyle this spring! All Schwarzkopf products are available exclusively at Walmart.

★What I’m Using:★

  • Schwarzkopf styliste ULTÎME Biotin + Volume & Texture Magic Volume Powder – Available Here
  • Schwarzkopf styliste ULTÎME Biotin Volume & Texture H2O Free Hair Spray – Available Here
  • Schwarzkopf essence ULTÎME Diamond Color & Radiance Shine Boost Tonic – Available Here


  1. you remind me a little bit of Katie Stevens

  2. I have a banquet tomorrow and was worried that I wouldn't have time to curl all of my hair as it is very thick. This is perfect! Thank you so much <3

  3. I love this, and I don't find the editing distracting at all! I thought it was very professional and I am definetly going to wear the out tonight for my birthday

  4. ive never like the pulling apart the braid look idk why

  5. Hi! I've been following you for a while, and I've always thought your work is amazing! Today I was looking for an updo for a wedding I have to attend next week, and as I open this video I saw we have the same dress 🙂 My decision is made!

  6. Your videos are so helpful! im updo- impaired and i love that u show step by steps! gonna do this for prom! 🙂

  7. Eep, I love this! I think I will wear it for prom!!

  8. You look like a Hollywood star on the red carpet!! Love this hairstyle!! 🙂

  9. i liked the variety in camera angles, but the transitions are it kind of disorienting

  10. Your videos just get better and better <3

  11. Kayley, what an awesome video in edition AND also the hairstyle! Love it!


  12. I love this! But my hair is shoulder length! Could you do something similar for shorter hair? Maybe on a model? That would be amazing! I graduate from college this may and have tons of special nights to attend so I'd love to rock an updo like this! 😀

  13. besides the hairstyle, ur dress is pretty.

  14. she kinda reminds me of bridgit mendler

  15. Even with the distractive cutting, I liked this sponsored video better than the first one.  This one feels more like your regular videos whereas the last one felt like a long commercial and very scripted.  I bet the 3rd one will be even better where all parties are happy, the viewers get to see your great videos, the sponsors will get their coverage, and the editing won't be so jumpy.  I also felt the material was more on par with what we like compared
     to the last one 🙂

  16. Please! Do a Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn hair tutorial.

  17. I'm glad you have gotten the opportunity to work with a few companies now, don't worry about what every one else says, no matter what you will always be the queen of hair Mrs. Kaylee Melissa lol…I'm glad you are still going to produce your own videos as well and allow a mixture of solo and advertising different products you like. I'm glad you base your decision on advertising products you use and respect… Good luck with your future endeavors, I'm thrilled you have made it this far! You have came a mighty long way, all the while staying true to yourself, thus staying true to your viewers as well. 🙂

  18. Where are you shooting your videos now?

  19. Awesome tutorial, I only wish I had enough hair to do that! I know you already did a video tutorial for people who have thin, fine hair… Would you make one again in the future? (When my hair is longer, it gets all "strandy", making a braid with all my hair looks like the braid you made in this video, to give you an idea =) )

  20. Omg it's my hairstyle! Thank you so much ☺️<3

  21. i really like their products, especially the powder. it's doing miracles! 🙂

  22. does the powder really work well? because my hair is very think and also very straight and when I try to backcomb my hair (or even tease it) it just goes right back to being perfectly straight and un-messy. But I think ill try the powder as it seems to work that good 🙂 😀

  23. I'm glad that you're getting opportunities to collab with some commercial companies! Congrats and great video!

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