Spine Braided Bun Hair Tutorial Inspired by Shay Mitchell

Hey guys! Today’s hair tutorial is this spine braided bun. It’s inspired by Shay Mitchell’s look at the Teen Choice Awards this year.

Updos are a great, easy go to and bun hairstyles are the easiest of them all. With this dutch braid you can instantly turn a boring look into a statement. I especially love the accessories in the hair jewelry; it’s a great way to make a “normal” hairstyle into a perfect formal occasion look.


  1. This video differentiates men fro women as women obsess over things that will never affect the world or make it a better place as they selfishly command their men to respect them and love them though they give little love of themselves. Anyone wonder why there are so many divorces. This is the modern world FUCKED UP!

  2. This hairstyle is amazing love the bling to it ???????

  3. This looks so cool!! Looks great on you ??????

  4. this look so easy, but I'm yet to master this. it drives me crazy that i can't do it. xxx

  5. I did this and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. Thank you soooooo much Kayley for making this my new favorite hairstyle xoxo.

  6. is that hard when you got to do the braiding

  7. Am I the only one who watches these hair tutorials and never actually does them?

  8. I don't know how she gets her parts so straight, mine are always a mess

  9. i loooooooove the idea of the rings. i've always wanted to wear hair jewels such as people with rasta do but without the rasta, maybe with braids, and i'd love for you to show us how with more looks like this one! like, i'd love to apply to my loose curled hair those little pendents with a little hole on top as if they were to be applied to a necklace..but i don't know how to d it in a non-permanent way..i was thinking that you can also easely find finger and toe rings which are already open and sizeble without having to cut regular ones. i think this should become a trend, also for movies in the style of avatar or cloud atlas. you know, something inspired by tribal traditions and in between a scooby-doo, a hair wrap with colorful strings and a braid. Since you are the goddess of braids, you should defenetly do looks like that with a lot of crazy inventions in between your hair! No, i'm not a hippy teen, i'm an over 30 educator and proud to be unconventional.

  10. I totally love this hairstyle !! Trying it as soon as I can !
    Quick question, where did you get your hair extensions ?

  11. Did it hurt taking out the rings?

  12. +Kayley Melissa I love all your videos and I love ❤ you

  13. THANK YOU- i had been dying to know how they did that for shay SO PRETTY. Obsessed. i think it would also be pretty to do twists around the front of the head and ring the twists. ….this was helpful in making some of that happen 😀 thanks!

  14. I can't do a fish tail can I just do a normal braid for the bun

  15. This is such a cool look. I can never get the upside down plait right, unfortunately 🙁 I really like the variation with the rings 😀

  16. Doing the braid upside down was so hard, it was all messy and loose and I kept grabbing the hair on the side by accident, aaahhh

  17. Can you do a 7 days hairstyle for back to school?

  18. I wore this style last weekend (without the rings), and all the ladies in my family complimented the cool spine braid!

  19. I like it better without the rings but it looks amazing! I'm gonna try this. Me and buns don't really get along so let's see if we can work it out this time ; D.

  20. absolutely loved this on shay. I'm so glad you did this <3 keep up the great work

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