Spinner and Magnetic Nail Charms

Suzie gets her hands on a collection of Magnetic Interchangeable Nail Charms – including Spinner Charms!

Products used in this video:


  1. suzie I have your 12 watt nail dryer should i get a other one it takes me 60 sec each coat or is that ok love your ideas thanku I am not a nail tect and have real nails u make it fun for me

  2. She is like a kid in a toy store I love it she is having fun, they are cute.

  3. Cute they kinda look like Tiny key chains!!

  4. It was a good concept, but the bow was the only cute one

  5. I love all your videos. I watch them everyday. But I've seen them all. Could you do some more?

  6. Love how she's just throwing the packaging away

  7. It's ridiculous! They look tacky, naff and cheap! I'd divorce my wife if she did that to her nails. (Yeah watching with my wife, unlike Ali!)

  8. Love the red rhinestone beads ❤️

  9. The way you open up your packages literally give me anxiety. ?

  10. So so so cute, I wonder if Grant would like them too?!

  11. Please suzie i can t found the gumy gel in tunisia can i use an other product ???? please help. Thanks

  12. You are the best. I am khaoula from Tunisia i love you

  13. These nails dont seem functional being that long specially with glued items on it…so confused

  14. This was uploaded on my birthday????!!!

  15. am i the only one who got the shivers when suzie brutally used those scissors? don't cut yourself, hun! xD

  16. Ayyyyeeee its been a while since i been back love the new intro!

  17. You and your man are amazing. I want to be adopted by you two. Suzie's energy is just soooo relaxing and fun at the same time. I could just sit and watch her all day long. It is my ultimate goal to be in her course ones.

  18. Just don't make meatballs while having nails like this.

  19. Somehow this reminds me of the Key & Peele skit, Dualing Hats…it is so over the top! Do women actually wear these? I am asking because I have never even seen anyone with long fake nails like these…let alone accessories on them. Is it just a segment of society hidden somewhere?

  20. Something so satisfying about you throwing that rubbish to the side

  21. Can you please do those "sweet bloom" gel nail designs!? I actually have no idea what they're called but if you search that on pinterest itll pop up

  22. Watching Suzie handle those scissors makes me cringe.

  23. "but clearly.. THEY IS" don't know why but that killed me! ??

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