Splatter nails = Messiest nail art EVER



  1. Christine is a Holo vampire?

  2. Did she refer to graveyard girl when she said this is the real swamp family?????????

  3. So much has changed…. Still love you ?❤️

  4. Honestly I just use small slanted paint brushes instead of a clean up brush

  5. SO MANY dirty jokes/references in this! I swear, SO MANY

  6. This video is uploaded on my birthday!!!

  7. So i somehow find this.
    and why does she slightly sound like a 13 year old?…

  8. Your thumb nail hasn’t got holo tears ?

  9. this is the first video of cristine's i watched ahhh memories of my mum thinking im watching porn or something bc of the intro

  10. Who is watching this in 2017?

  11. You should've left the purple, black, and white splatter w/o the green it looked so nice 7:19

  12. I wanna see a video on u trying to fix your nails so there white again not yellow

  13. keeps talking about blowing…gets to the white splattering…

  14. Maybe this would work better if you could somehow dilute the polish

  15. I decided to rewatch a whole bunch of Cristines videos today.

    “You can’t fight the devil”


  16. what about WHATS ON MY OTHER HAND? or am i to soon and she does not do it yet

  17. I don't even do nail art, and I began following you because I feel like I can relate to your personality. But now I watch any video you make just because you're funny as fuck & I feel like I need to watch them all even if I only paint my nails a simply color..

  18. My friend watched ur channel the first time and said to me u would think she was serious about her channel but………. And that was all I got (I can tell she likes ur channel) whell I do

  19. Stop getting mad at her for saying things wrong maybe where she lives you're saying it wrong and she saying it really not everyone lives in the same places you geez I'm saying this to the collective everyone

  20. I really liked the splatter!!!!!!
    Youre supposed to blow the globs off the nail!!!!!! You did it WRONG.

  21. this entire video is just a dirty joke

  22. She used a peel off base coat untderneath! Hahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaaha i hate myself

  23. This background music reminds me of Miranda Sings.

  24. Don't you just HATE it when your voice is.. ya know.. CHANGING EVERY SINGLE VIDEO?

  25. Hey do you like my nails I painted them myself 8 years old that's me ,9

  26. Are those actually multi-chrome and colour changing on your nails because they look one colour on your nails

  27. What quick dry glossy taco does simply nailogical use ( brand + name + number )

  28. I love how you can tell you made this in 2015 lol

  29. This is perfect if you want to do Splatoon inspired nails!

  30. blllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp

  31. Who else lives in England ?

  32. So that black holo part that got on her finger looked EXACTLY like a black holo dicc

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