Spray Painting Your Nails?!

In today’s video I’m going to be spray painting my nails! Eeek! Sounds a little crazy… let’s try it out and see how it works 🙂

Let me know what you thought of this video down in the comments! Would you try this out? Would you like to see more videos like this? What would you like to see next?!

Love you guys xo


  1. I play level 25 in polish blast

  2. I think you should put another layer of top coat on the pink nails

  3. silver was better than pink
    it was looking so shiny

  4. You have absolutely no idea how to use spray paint…

  5. I think silver looked waaaay better

  6. I think that she should make tinker bell nails

  7. I am level 20 but can't get past it

  8. the silver is better than pink i think

  9. The silver was great, but the pink was bad.

  10. I liked the shiny,glittery silver and pink is not that good but i liked silver one…..??????????

  11. I play polish blast.. I am on level 19

  12. Yeah so not worth it.. especially the bumpy pink! Thanx for saving us some $$!?xo?

  13. i think the sliver is so pretty

  14. i like the silver better than the pink

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that the pink one is so so nice and so pretty

  16. When she said remaining four NAILS I thought she was gunna say she lost one of her fingers in a tramautic accident

  17. i am on two hunderd and fity three

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