Spring Break OOTW feat. Alex!

This video is a collection of mine and Alex’s outfits of the week when we were in Florida for spring break!
I really hope you enjoy!


  1. Where can I get that jumbo beach waver thing she used throughout the whole thing?

  2. Very cute summeroutfits, Tess! 🙂 And your friend looks nice too.

  3. theyre both so pretty omg
    i love tess' outfits


  5. i think alex look like Demi Lovato 🙂

  6. @Tesschristine123 (sorry about messing up the last post, but I was saying) it's so nice to see 2 college girls not spending their spring break partying and getting wasted. Glad to see people similar to me exist 🙂

  7. @tesschristine123 it's so refreshing to see a girl I'm college not

  8. Tess, you're amazing))))))))))))

  9. what kind of camera are you using?! 🙂

  10. Aviators…. Are the sunglasses that Tess is wearing

  11. im in paris right now and i saw new look, its very cute it reminds me of f21

  12. Hello, I'm looking for a place to stay in Florida on the beach and where u stayed looks beautiful, where happen that might be? If you answer THANKS and if you don't I understand.

  13. i LOVE your style Tess! Please do more outfits of the week videos!!!

  14. can u do a tutorial on the hair you did for the day n night 3 thing. i have a headband similar to urs (mine 4rm england too:) and i dont really know how 2 wear it
    can people thumbs this up so she can see plz and thank u<3

  15. I'm obsessed with the high low skirt from pacsun, it's amaaaazing, but I can't find it online or in stores. I'm bummed, I want it so bad!! :/

  16. I saw you guys at the beach, thought you looked familiar!

  17. why didn't you say to your friend that she shouldn't have worn those flip flops with leather jeans to dinner?

  18. alex is soo boring. she looked like she was being forced to br featured in it. 😐

  19. You have to do more OOTW!! I really love it 🙂

  20. What was on your nails & toes, love that color!! great video girl!! xoxo meg

  21. are you wearing a tank underneath your red top from day 2? (:

  22. You are perfect I'm so jealous!

  23. Alex reminds me of sally stitches from blood on the dance floor 🙂

  24. She should make a channnel… 🙂

  25. Sorry it's me again, I just saw that I had a problem with the word "understanD" haha I don't know why I put a "t" for both of them ! Anyway, sorry if my english is not pefect :s

  26. I just discovered your videos like few days ago and I have to say that I love them so much !
    Even if I'm a french girl I basically understant what you say and you give good advices, and your videos are untersting ! And you look so pretty ! I wish I could be like you ^^
    Have a nice day ! xoxo

  27. You look like one of those perfect tumblr girls!

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