Spring Floral Nail Art + KL Polish Ethereal Garden Swatches!


  1. sorry can i ask where you get the KL polish from it's beautiful and lovely and you are beautiful

  2. You said Gum would be perfection had 2 coats but looked to me that it had 3. Pink was already on your nail then you painted 2 more coats plus the top coat. Then Charmed was already on your nail then you showed you painting 3 more coats then a top coat. I'm not understanding???

  3. these colours are SO gorgeous!! 😮

  4. Your design are very youthful… 🙂 there good though, do you think you can do something mature? I know with your talent it would be good! Would love to see it

  5. I want to reproduce your gorgeous nail art that's why i bought the collection… omg where is my money? but thanks so much for the code❤

  6. Hi Hannah! I just wanted to tell you that I loved this design so much that I recreated it on both my hands and it looks so pretty. Im not gonna lie……..it took me like 4 hours to do both hands, but it was totally worth it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful nail art with us! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. You are blessed with unlimited talent!!! U r my fav! Loads of love! ???

  8. It's sooo beautiful! I must have Charmed!!!

  9. All colors and designs r sooooo awesome ??

  10. Love this design and the charmed polish and hoping to get that polish

  11. Beautiful nail art! ❤ And TFS the individual polishes!

  12. This collection is insanely stunning ??? and so is your design, Hannah! ?

  13. i love all the colours, but charmed is the most unique to me 🙂 thank you for sharing this beautiful tutorial and giving the opportunity of free shipping code <3

  14. Ive missed your freehand nail tutorials!!! ❤❤❤

  15. The bottles are pretty as it's self ?

  16. What is the top coat you use?

  17. #AWESOME nail art Hannah!!! ?????????? I love all your nail art ?????????? design videos❣️????????❤️ And happy spring season!!! ????? And I love the CHARMED nail polish… ??????????

  18. U r super good with that brush. My father would find it silly if I started to try any different nail arts. Because I am in a starting stage and I will take lots and lots of time

  19. Such awesome freehand, thought it was stamped or decals! I don’t much care for pastels but would probably chose Miss Kensington. They do look great in combination in your design though, nice job.

  20. nice tutorial, you're great hannah!

  21. I like ur nails my favorite colour is yellow

  22. Gorgeous ??? That green & pink are amazing ?
    I love them all! Pastel perfection ???

  23. You always do a perfect nail art design!?

  24. you made that look easy ! The whole collection is beautiful.

  25. This was lovely ! Thought it is done by stamping.

  26. Thank you for the swatches! I just placed my first order from KL using your code for free int shipping, it's such a great discount for those of us outside the US! <3

  27. Where do I get these nail art brushes … normal paint brushes don't work right?

  28. Están hermosos esos esmaltes de kl polish …Hannah tengo una duda porque nunca te veo con las uñas de ambas manos pintadas habitualmente ? O solo es para hacer los tutoriales ?
    Saludos desde Cali Colombia ???

  29. also i love the name “gum would be perfection” ?

  30. Hie hannah..love ur videos…
    But sometimes ur coats are so thick.. how do they dry? …
    Coz mine gets smudged by the end of the day even if i have applied a top coat n i m careful enough not get my fingers banged somewhere

  31. I got pinky and charmed from the collection. I’m in love with KL Polish. The brush is perfect for my nails. Pinky looks amazing with Das Esspensive 26 on top.

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