Spring Get Ready With Me | Makeup and Hair

Hey my loves! Long time no see, i apologise for being away but Im back and ready to start uploading more! This is my spring inspired makeup look, both makeup and hair…hope you enjoy!!

Thank you!! x


  1. What's the name of the curling wand she used

  2. Can you do a how to apply falsies video?

  3. what are the brushes your using? (purple one's)

  4. I love those gorgeous curls! They're so bouncy and textured! I think it would look nice with that type of tight curl in a cute, messy bun or ponytail <3

  5. I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. soo beautiful!!♡ what curling iron you use?:oo

  7. you should do a video on grow your hair faster please please please

  8. ur so fckin pretty I wish I would look like u holy

  9. OMFG, you are so beautiful with and without makeup!!! ??

  10. you're gorgeous!!! i love your makeup and your hair color is amazing i'm so in love??

  11. How many inches is the curling wand she uses ?

  12. Your absolutely gorgeous. I just subscribed to your channel & I already love you ❤??

  13. What camera do you use for recording?

  14. You really look like someone I know

  15. Why does she use foundation? Look at that skin it's just the best thing ever omg

  16. I like the length of ur videos their so amazing

  17. what exacly is your hair color?
    i love it and might want to copy ? but some names would be useful ❤

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