Hi Cutie’s! ♡ First of all thank you so much for watching this video. I know this is something totally different then I normally upload but besides make-up I also love fashion. Especially this spring/summer I noticed my clothing style has completely changed. I used to always wear black, like seriously everyday and I’m currently in the color mood. Maybe because I have been wearing black for such a long time? I have no idea. How ever, it inspired me to do a Lookbook video. I know I don’t show a lot of outfits. I wanted to include more but it started raining… Ugh.. yep.. Welcome the Netherlands haha! I’m really curious if you like the video. Any feedback would be highly appreciated and let me know if you want me to continue doing more of these!! Kisses and Hugs from An ♡

  • OUTFIT 1.
    Dress: Zara
    Heels: Lolashoetique
  • OUTFIT 2.
    Dress: Zara
    Bag: H&M
    Sandals: Lolashoetique
  • OUTFIT 3.
    Dress: Zara
    Heels: Public Desire
  • OUTFIT 4.
    Top from EBAY http://ebay.to/2tpPg45
    Short Skirt: Forever 21
    Bracelets: H&M
    Heels: Zara