Stained glass glitter placement nail art


  1. I like it better when I see your face in your video cause I can roast you

  2. the haters still disliked ???

  3. That’s beautiful stained glass

  4. Can you do a video of you going through your pealy bag please

  5. 1k dislikes ?⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  6. I clicked disliked so I could get holo glitter thrown in my face
    address here

  7. I just realized that menchie looks like a bigger version of my cat

  8. What’s your Snapchat

  9. Liza forever!!! and Christine i geuss

  10. What is the point of disliking her vids. Cristine is amazing.

  11. Do painting my mailbox with HOLO

  12. I dozed off while watching this video and the first thing I see when I open my eyes is Menchie. Thought he was someone taking off a rabbit mask, scared the crap outta me for a second

  13. Those 1k people just want Cristine to show up at their houses 😀 😀

  14. what about Zyler (idk how to spell the name)

  15. Hey Christine could you please give an epileptic seizure warning Before you do the focus thing a lot on your glitter

  16. LOVE your videos. I am an old woman and I am still addicted to Halo glitter The more the better <3

  17. Did anyone else think of commenting there address and disliking the video just to be sent an envelope of hold glitter from the holo Queen herself….

    No. Just me. OK.

  18. These are beautiful- but I don’t have the patience to do them?

  19. Fuck all the holo made my head hurt but it's so pretty!

  20. I wonder if your subscriber is 7 years old

  21. Wtf there are one thousand dislikes? If you be a hater of Cristine, why do ye bother?! If yo don't like her vids just don't watch em!!! Is that too much too ask??!!

  22. I did this, but I didn't put the black paint on..

     I just had a frik ton of  glitter on my hands

  23. How could someone miss the like button

  24. What is nail art and why is this on Cristine channel

  25. thanks Christine! i'll definitely actually do all this bullshit

  26. The haters were to weak for the holo so they went blind and pressed dislike. 1k people today cannot look at holo. They are holoblind. Please donate to the Simply Holo Foundation to save all the haters and let them finally see holo properly. we say no more holoblinds, TOGETHER!

  27. Well 1k people are gonna die from Christine…..their fault

  28. idk if you noticed but you have actually done two kinds of art, the stained glass, and mosaic, cause the way you put the glitter was mosaic. But I doubt that any of you would care bout that?

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