Stars & Stripes Nail Art + DIY Star Decals!

Here are some really fun nails that are perfect for 4th of July or anytime you are feeling patriotic!

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  1. opi nail paints are very costly tell me any other brand's nail paints like opi

  2. Hannah, your designs are awesome! And you made this design SO easy…

  3. Your nail are so cute!!!
    ???…. I really like to see a video with summer ideas

  4. where do u get the stuff from

  5. your nail shape is so satisfying tf

  6. Wow great nail tutorial.? I just did a 4th of July nail design on my channel too. If interested please check it out on my channel @polishmesopretty Thanks ??

  7. is it just me or is this video super satisfying

  8. +cutepolish you sound just like her

  9. Hey guys can some of you go to my channel it's about nails I just started today i will post everyday thanks ?

  10. So dang cute!
    Palm Springs Cindy

  11. Ah the shape of your nails is perfection!

  12. how old are you? you are really good

  13. How do you roll the polish off? I have tried this so many times and it never comes off well ?

  14. You are so good at painting your nails????

  15. Yay!!! Land of the genocided land! I mean free… *subject not available in all places *prices are subject to change

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