Steam Punk Nail Art – Stamping and Calligraphy Pen

Suzie takes Nail Polish Stamping up a notch by adding colour with paint and a calligraphy pen, creating a pseudo Steam Punk Look.

  • 0:30 Suzie chooses an Abstract Stamp Design
  • 0:56 The Polish to use for stamping
  • 1:25 Scraper and Stamper are at the ready
  • 1:57 Paint Polish onto Stamping Plate
  • 2:16 Scrape off the Stamping Plate
  • 2:19 Pick up Polish onto the Stamper
  • 2:28 Press polish design onto the Nail
  • 6:10 Clean Up Cuticles
  • 6:25 Painting Gold Highlights with Calligraphy Pen
  • 8:33 Painting in Off-White Highlights
  • 9:13 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s


  1. could you paint the base colour gold if you have less time or no ink?

  2. If you leave it on the stamper and put a clear coat over it you can paint it before you put it on your nails

  3. I too am a homosexual and this design would be 110% easier if you gust pained the colors in before you lay them down because then you don't need to stay in the lines and the black would still cover it up

  4. Hey Suzie! I realize this video is over a year old but watching it I noticed a few things and I thought I might let you and anyone still watching this video these tips!
    – For nail polish users if you do a thick top coat first, then stamp, if you mess up just lightly wipe the design off with remover, do a new top coat and go!
    – Most stampers prefer you use tape to remove excess nail polish from the stamper's surface. You can also use tape to remove the polish from your skin. I can usually use one piece of tape to do all ten nails and stamper.
    – a plastic scrapper is better for your plates, as metal scrappers have been shown to scratch the surface of the plate and ruin the design.

  5. Making a nail decal is another fun way to get color in your stamping image especially if you don't have a steady hand to stay in lines. ^_^


  7. I would have painted my nails gold as a base color and then use the stamper lol I'm not so patient 😛

  8. look into reverse stamping … pickup the image .. paint the image straight on the stamper .. use a clear coat on your nails… when dry but still tacky .. transfer the colored image to your nails.
    sorry your the teacher ..not me

  9. When it comes to the stamping pad I use tape to remove it or lint roller

  10. Why don't you do a decal on a stamper. Stamp off the plate, leave to dry. Colour on the stamper, wait to dry, top coat it, wait to dry and peel off, top coat your nail, and place a diy decal as you want it. Sky is the limit with this technique

  11. I don't do stamping, but I like how it looks=)

  12. I love love love your videos and I think you are an expert in many ways but… stamping isn't one of them 😀

    -first you are putting a ton of polish, you only need a third of it.
    -second, I think laying the plate on a table and scraping would work way better than holding it with you hand.
    -third, there are large clear stampers out there, it will help you a lot to see where your are stamping.
    -forth, you can fill with color while the stamped image is on the stamper then lay it on ur nail when it is still tacky so it can stick

  13. I love the videos about nail art and gel nails i am only learning.

  14. Instead of filling the stamp with a calligraphy pen on your nails, you can apply the color on the stamper, put a layer of clear nail polish, and use it as a decal. The result is much cleaner and you don't have to worry about covering the black.

  15. hey, i was just going to suggest, if you're wanting more stamping tips to check out some of SimplyNailogical she stamps all the time and has a different way to add color. Love your videos

  16. Прекрасно выглядишь!!!

  17. what are you using to clean the stamper and plate? acetone or alcohol?

  18. hello, what are you using to clean stamper and stamp mat

  19. Hi Suzie, I saw a lot of YouTube vids about stamping and you might already know this by now but you should know, you can get an XL squishy stamper so it covers your entire nail on one go…
    also you don't have to waste so much nail polish by covering the entire design, just do a brush on the beginning and when you scrape it – it will drag and scrape it over the rest of the design…
    also, if you have regular nail polish below, as long as you put a top coat before stamping, it should be easy to correct or take off any mistakes.
    I'd also recommend using a see-though stamper so you can see where the design would go…
    Just found your channel today, you're really fun to listen to..

  20. Wowzer… this product!

  21. Hi Susie I'm a cosmetology student and I have a hard time with doing acrylic and gel nail extensions. Do you have a video or could you make one that goes into detail about liquid to powder ratio and how to keep the product from sticking to the brush thanks!!

  22. i definitely would not be able to do this on my right hand

  23. Tape works for cleaning the stamping tool and for cleaning around the cuticles it'll take the excess off just like a lint roller removes lint

  24. This is cool! I like this better than the reverse stamping or making decals with the stampers. I bought a calligraphy pen and the paints like you use. Can you show us free hand flowers with the calligraphy pen?

  25. hallo where can i buy ink and ink pen?

  26. Maybe after transferring the design onto the stamper you can stamp it into some sort of nail mat. Then, quickly brush on a topcoat direct onto the design. Once that dries you can put a top coat onto your nail too, carefully peel off the design, place on your nail, and cut off the excess. Add any additional details and Layer on another topcoat to finish.

  27. Hi Suzie , Can you please make more stamping videos? And can you explain how to stamp without mistakes.

    Thank you very much 🙂

  28. Hi, I love your videos. I use a marshmallow stamper or a squishy stamper, just get a good transfer of a large image image for longer nails and press onto the entire nail. you can even use the roll on tech.

  29. You don't need to cover the whole print design when you scrap the nail polish over the design it'll fill in the holes easy 🙂 it'll also make your polish last longer using less you might just need to move quicker 🙂

  30. Is the black that you use in several tutorials with the caligraphy pen acctual caligraphy ink, and what about the gold it that polish or caligraphy ink?

  31. u actually CAN use regular nail polish. I use it all the time. Essie, Opi, Sally Hansen and China glaze work best.

  32. Susie when you stamp you can color it in ON THE STAMPER so there is less risk of coloring out of the linens and after you color it in add a top coat. Let dry. Peel the decal off the stamper. Add a top coat on the nail add the decal to the nail and trim to shape of nail and use a clean up brush in acetone to melt the edges so it is on the nail and add a top coat. Look on simply nailogical in part 1, 5 easy short nail designs.

  33. i find that the kleancolor nailpolishes work well for stamping, you have to work quickly with them though. Also you could look into getting the ASP manicure saver for cleaning up without using your fingers

  34. Hey Girl, they have huge stampers now that cover long nails. I have that same set but I paid 2 bucks for a huge clear stamper on Aliexpress. It's so much easier than the orginal.

  35. Wait, have you always had that tattoo on your hand? I've never noticed it before, which is pretty strange because it's pretty big

  36. I cry when I saw how scraped the metal was! maybe next time don't use a metal scraper to lessen the plate damage

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