Steampunk Gel Inlay Nails

Suzie creates a stunning set of Steampunk Gel Inlay Nails using Alcohol Ink and Steampunk bits in this detailed step by step tutorial.

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  2. Wow they are my favourite nails ?. I've got the steam Punk pieces, so you know what I'm going to be trying next ? thank you Suzie

  3. Oh Suzie!! I love love love this design, love steampunk, I did a set myself but found it REALLY difficult to get them off, actually had to soak off, so any chance you could show or tell me what you do with them please ?? ,and now we know camera man is hubby? but, was sad to see you glittered his face on IG, he has such a gorgeous voice, it's so smooth, xx

  4. Hi os there a way to fade from a creme gel to a glitter than to a clear with designs? Im not a technician so i don't know if the fading with glitter would be a no go and weaken it badly or if it's not possible to do it on a mid length… I saw your black nails with the calligraphy pen and the natural fade french nails than saw the idea in my head based off those insanely beautiful nails. I can work on describing them better if you need of course.

  5. A 40 minute video!? Sure, my kiddo can sleep in alittle bit.

  6. Love this set! And how adorable is your camera man !!!!!

  7. Omg camera man is your husband?!? So cute? happy tears* love this video by the way

  8. I love watching your videos before bed. I used your Chanel nails as inspiration for my last set! PS: be careful putting ice on burns. Because of the high temperature burn, anything below freezing is too harsh and can worsen healing times. Dipping in cold water or running it in cold water is the best idea because there isn’t such a drastic difference.

  9. Please can someone covers it up with acrylic?

  10. Never commented on one of your videos but been watching for a while 🙂 not a nail tech, just enjoy watching the process. Anyways I wanted to say that I absolutely love the playful commentary from the "camera man" you two are absolutely adorable and I look forward to watching many more videos!! Keep up the great work!

  11. Fabulous work, Suzie! I love Steampunk, it's beautiful!

  12. this video is so well produced, from the music cues, to the camera angles, how many cameras does this guy have the angles are endless, the box that pops telling you when the next segment in the video is, wow. As always the nails are beautiful and Suzie is hypnotizing her voice and glitter everywhere, I cant stop watching. MORE VIDEOS PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

  13. Whenever I do nails I always start *super excited*, I prep the nail like a godess, then I have the vision in mind and start with the design but since I struggle with the thickness I tell myself "it's gonna be fine when I file" then I file (but hate doing so cause my nails end up a little bit squarer than I'd like em to) or maybe the overall shape is great but the apex is like on its side and that makes me go crazy or maybe I try too hard to get them not-so-thick so idk.. I start wanting to have a moment to "cool down" and if I don't take it, tha nails will look like crap.. But if I take those little 15 to 20 minutes, the nails end up looking super cute..
    The thing is… Clients can't spare 20 minutes of their time ? and my family either ? so yeah, practise hand is my best friend rn.. Hope this insecurities with shaping and filing gone away soon!

  14. I knew it! I knew u two were married! now we need to see Camera Mans face!

  15. Lovely fun nails, great video, cute couple

  16. I love these! Very beautiful ❤️

  17. Love the steampunk! But they when you first started I thought they were gonna be " cheetah print." ? Beautiful

  18. If you ever burn you self again, use some lavender or tea tree oil it soothes the burn right away. Or have a little bag or bowl with some flour not self raising just plain flour and keep you finger or burned part in it, it will absorb the moisture and it will not bake a blister and its will stop burning and keep that flour in the fridge so its cool for the next use keep the burned part in the flour for 10 – 15 min. is sound stupid but i tried it and it freaking works.

  19. Also, can we talk about Suzies hair? On. Point!

  20. Make s video using Gel-X

  21. When working with alcohol inks, Piñata is really awesome (as opposed to Adirondack). But any way you go, however, the real magic happens when you add the blending solution and the inks combine and marble. The designs are beautiful! Would love to see what you would come up with!

  22. Such an awesome nail look Suzie! Also, I love the camera work and the graphics! Great job Camera man!

  23. May I present…
    The Bob Ross of nail tech. ?

  24. I was getting so nervous watching those large white sleeves get close to those inks! ? Honestly one of my favorite looks yet! I LOVE inlays and would appreciate seeing them more on your nails!

    I always also appreciate the professionalism in the editing~

  25. THE MOST ICONIC NAIL DESIGN TO EVER EXIST. That top coat moment gave me life. #QueenSuzie

  26. These are STELLAR!!! My fave set I've seen you do I think!

  27. And now for the video we all need but don't deserve! bows down I hope your finger feels better! Your hair is pretty!

  28. Can we get some hair tutorials, too?

  29. It reminds me,( the inks) of that old tortoise shell look that was popular many years ago. They made hair combs and even one of the womens razor companies used it as their selling point… But anyway, the nails are BEAUTIFULLY done!

  30. Oh YOU are adorable!! And congratulations! You just invent the easiest turtoise design with that ink!! It looks amazing!!! It would also be great if you put little bit of gold leaf in it?? I send you love from Croatia i hope i meet you before i die?? you are my idol! real treat this video!!thank you

  31. I want to see you in your wedding dress

  32. Your inlay nails are definitely the best on YouTube.

  33. OMG these nails turned out so beautiful and i like the longer videos

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