Step by Step Clear Gel Under-Nail Design – Part 2

In this how to video Suzie breaks down the steps to create a beautiful Clear Gel with an under the nail design, where the advantage is leaving the Top side COMPLETELY SMOOTH to the touch!

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  1. You should do the dollar store nail polish challenge or something like that

  2. Suzie, you make me happy!! I have gotten to the point where I'm excited for Thursdays!! Thank you for what you do.

  3. Amazing… that's all I got to say

  4. The fact that even Suzie has bubbles in gel sometimes makes me feel so much better
    I will always do a great job but inevitably have on or two bubbles somewhere no matter what I do
    Thank You Suzie for saying it

  5. Oh Suzie I wish I could afford your workshop it would be soooo much fun learning from you! <3

  6. About filing underneath nAils
    Sallys sells a file that goes underneath and you can easily make your own by using a fine grit
    Or honestly whatever grit you want depending on what your purpose is of paper from a file and glue it with nail glue to something round that fits underneath your nail like maybe an unsharpened pencil or the end of a brush or dotting tool maybe
    I have used both
    Or just use an e file of you have one but he very careful and gentle under there

  7. OMG Suzie! Those nails look so great!

  8. These videos helped me complete a great look and help me feel like my nails are my friends

  9. I'm going to Morocco soon and getting neon orange with diamond's down thumb.. is getting gold glitter on pinkie ombre from base to much..?

  10. Where has Grant been? I would love to see another video with his nails and an update:)

  11. Great idea ? Maybe you could do one where you create a very thin clear gel nail (the first thin layer and cure it), paint on the tip (on top of the thin clear nail tip) then finish creating the gel nail that way too. Basically for those who aren’t so good at getting lil designs from underneath the tip…

  12. Hi Suze not like you to have short nails. They look very nice though.

  13. I love how your nails look on your right hand!

  14. I love your videos you are so professional and you have a very beautiful voice

  15. Hello Suzie.I love your videos.And these nails are beautiful.Many greets from germany

  16. You should do a design for the under side only, make it look like a diamond, using it as an accent nail,.. Then cover the other 4 nails with holo studded rhinestones!

  17. You inspired me to do nails and I’m only 13 ❤️

  18. Love, love, love these nails. alps where did you get the bling thing you rest your hand on?

  19. ? ? ? ❤ ? ?
    Another Great Video Suzie. The Nail Design is Beautiful ?. For you not being an expert with Gel, you do a Spectacular Job. Thank You for Sharing this with us, I truly Appreciate it. ?

  20. Hi suzi, what does your camera man look like…. I hear him comment often but don't know what he looks like and it would be awesome to put a face to his voice.

  21. i love how suzie gets kinda silent when she's super focused on a design, i always do the same and my clients feel weird lol

  22. But with them being sculpted wouldn’t they be shiny smooth?

  23. I love your video’s and I am a boy

  24. You can make a round file for underneath the nail… you have connections!

  25. Can you do a video how to prepare nails for gel nails? I'm new to the gel nails world and I would like to know how to prepare a nail and what file to use

  26. You should do encapsulated Arizona tea wrapper nails .. like Arizona green tea or the film soda wrappers like on one liter bottles

  27. You are so awesome, another beautiful design! ?

  28. I love it . I so wishbi could come to your class it would be the greatest experience ever ?

  29. So pretty !! this design is like a lacework ! 🙂

  30. Can u make a video on different designes of nail art inspired by objects around you in the room .. like the hand-rest roller thingy or the lights behind you .. i think its fun idea ?

  31. I love them and they look so cute on you

  32. Beautiful idea and execution. I’m curious why you started with a topcoat rather than a basecoat on these. I like the idea someone else posted about trying a stained glass effect, with maybe a clear , fine glittery topcoat on the upper surface. As always, I’m blown away by your steady hand and artistic eye.

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