Step By Step Eyebrow Tutorial

Hi Cuties!! ❤️ Right now that you’re watching this video (September 20th) I’m in the plane on my way to LA!!!!! I told you at the beginning of this month that I was going to do something excited and today I’m finally telling u what it is!!! Sooo here it comessssss……. I’m filming video’s for Anastasia Beverly Hills in their studio for one of their new upcoming products!!!! WAAAAAAAAH… Yes I know right that’s so freaking cool. I have to say I’m so nervous.. I struggle with anxiety and that’s so annoying. I’m writing this now in the morning, I’m about the go to the airport and I seriously feel sick, so nervous am I.. I just have this feeling that I’m going to fail or that they don’t think I’m good enough and that makes me stress a lot.. Hopefully everything is going to be fine ❤️ I’ll update you about the whole experience. Unfortunate because I’m gone I am not able to directly respond to all of your comments. I’m back at September 25th but besides this video I also have a tutorial going up on Friday!!! ❤️ Love you lots.


Love you guys! ♡ ♡ – – –


  1. What camera do you use? It is super clear and makes your skin really show! Your technique is always so flawless!

  2. ?????award winning brows , those are definitely twin brows !

  3. You have the most flawless brow shape I've ever seen

  4. ?Your brows were already Perfect before you started!!!!!!?

  5. Yes i cant wax it rips off my skin so plucking and grooming video i need some help i look like Frida no offense to that look but it is so out of control ?‍♀️

  6. this is the best eyebrow tutorial i have ever seen xxx


  8. Most perfect eyebrows I've ever seen ?

  9. Thanks for your time, to let us learn with piecemeal.

  10. Love them!❤️ wax and trim video please ☺️

  11. I like the way she did this but i need a little more lessons. to how to do my own

  12. Yes!!! I would love to see a video on the wax and grooming!

  13. Musical badly do thank atmosphere post dignity direction.

  14. Hello u brow is very easy becouse u have a lot hair..look very nice

  15. a wax and trimming video would be lovely!!

  16. Can you buy this brow pencil @ sephora?

  17. Don't be scared, you will definitely succeed. Congratulations dear.

  18. Do you do your brows before eyemakeup? Even the highlight? And yes I would love to see wax and eyebrow trim

  19. Would anyone happen to know what camera lens An uses? The quality is so nice.

  20. Congratulations on your opportunity to work with Anastasia Beverly Hills!! Sending love and positivity.. you will be awesome!!

  21. You can buy the Colourpop brushes individually!

  22. WOW so polished! amazing! like arcs!

  23. Hi, An
    I am positively sure that you are going to do excellent when you film with ABH! Please don't let anxiety steal this experience from you. Relax and do what you love! You are one of the best makeup artists I've watched. Your technique is impeccable. Keep us updated! Good luck 🙂

  24. Lately I've been using a tinted brow gel on the front of my brows and a pomade for the tail. It's really cut my brow routine down time wise! I purchased brow wiz once and felt like i used it up so quickly ?‍♀️

  25. Yes ma'am, wax n trim. Mine need a little help, been trying to really get it together.

  26. I love your eyebrows. You should do a how to series on your channel for us girls that are beginners.. ????

  27. These eyebrows are perfection! ?

  28. Thanks An for considering the comments and uploading an updated brow routine

  29. Amazing brow routine An! You have amazing brows naturally, and I would love a waxing and trimming brow routine.
    And best wishes for your shoot with ABH, you deserve it!!! ??

  30. I would love to see the wax and trim video ❤

  31. yes on the waxing and trimming video

  32. Wax and trim video please!!! Love your videos

  33. Your natural brows are PERFECT. HOW

  34. An eyebrow maintenance video would be great

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