Step Into Spring with!

Todays video is a small spring fashion video featuring! I love this clothing website so i thought i would share it all with you! I really hope you like these outfits i put together and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!!



  1. OMG!! YOu look just like Missglamorazzi

  2. what kind of bra would you wear with the color block dress with the open back? adhesive?

  3. @Tesschristine123 thank you, i really appreciate your response! (:

  4. Can you do a video on how much you would and wouldn't spend on beauty items and fashion garments??

  5. what do you ask for when you get your hair cut??!! I LOVE IT!!! i have really long ahir and i normally dont like shorter styles on me but i LOVE yours! I have an appointment today!!!!! PLEASE RESPOND!

  6. i love your hair ! i can never get those waves, is it bcuz my hair is too straight?

  7. Please check out my channel for my Fashion Blog!!

  8. Tess! I absolutey love your videos! 🙂 I decided to start my own channel. Please check it out<3

  9. The skirt in the fist outfit would cause a lot of car accidents

  10. First and third outfits look like something hanna from pll would wear!!

  11. You have the best fashion hands down… please make more fashion outfit videos or ootds once in a while! Loooove it!

  12. You look so much like Nikki Reed!!!!

  13. what is the necklace you always wear? where is it from?
    Great outfit ideas btw 🙂

  14. LOVE the skirt!!! im gonna have to get my mom to make one for me!

  15. youre seriously so pretty, thanks for all the videos you do for us. LOVE YOU TESS 🙂

  16. @tendyrose02 haha i know!! I don't know what else to do. Its so awkward for me when i film it haha :p

  17. that last outfit is adorable!!!! i love all your videos Tess 🙂

  18. I love your videos and ur really pretty girl:) I was wondering how old are you?

  19. @MyThreeTwoOne I get a lot of comments everyday, it is very hard to keep up sometimes. i don't appreciate you being rude about it. I try to respond to everyone i can.
    I am wearing hue my mac.

  20. I love all the outfits I thought u looked alot younger with ur hair up for some reason

  21. I LOVE the third outfit! It's totally my style:)

  22. On the third outfit with the sugar hill bakery teal polka dot top when I first saw it u kinda looked like Kim Kardashian, sorry if u dont like her, what Im trying to give is a complament, you are soooooo pretty! 🙂

  23. I loved the look of the site, but I worry about sizes in shoes and clothes. Are the sizes at lulus similar to any other store for a reference point?

  24. has so many beautiful clothes..but I live in germany :((

  25. In the third outfit at first i thought her stomach was a skin tone belt 😛

  26. USA only 🙁
    I Live in saudi arabia !

  27. I really like your videos because 1. you do not ramble, you stick to the topic and theme of the video. 2. you look like a really sweet person. 3. you remind me A LOT of my sister! 😀 Hello from Europe!:D

  28. @1LeiaPrincess what? where did you read that?! it's 7 dollars

  29. oh yeah!! is shipping to Estonia <3

  30. your so cute! and one of my fave gurus! 😀

  31. I love your fashion videos, you should do more!

  32. By the way i would totally buy things from Lulu's but international shipping is 45 dollars…it's too much 🙁

  33. Such cute outfits! Lulus originated in the town I go to college in so I'm lucky enough to walk to a downtown boutique here and pick up anything from 🙂

  34. Love love love the dress!I want that skirt!

  35. I LOVE the first outfit. And I like ur hair and makeup.

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