Stone Marble Nails?!


  1. all of the techniques ive seen are too much work to do on clients.
    I cant find the polish & acetone technique yet ?

  2. Who else says the words"now add a top coat to seal in your designs and add beautiful shine" with her ☺☺

  3. I Love you daddy???‍♀️?‍??‍?‍????????????????????????????????????β›„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ?????????????????????⚽️??⚾️??‍♀️??‍♂️???‍♂️??‍♀️?????✈️???????????????⌚️?????????⛏???β›“?⚱️???????????❀️?????❣️???????β›Žβ™οΈ?γŠ—οΈ??βŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈβ­•οΈβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈβ­•οΈβŒβ›„οΈβ›„οΈβ›„οΈβ›„οΈβ›„οΈ?βš οΈγ€½οΈ???⚜️?β™»οΈβœ…???️????ℹ️?βž—βœ–οΈ?βž•βž°βžΏβž–???????️‍?????????????????????????????????

  4. So awesome and super duper ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. how can I do the dark gray vein things without water?

  6. This is pretty creative and cool!

  7. Love this, especially how sophisticated it looks!! Thanks for the great idea/ tutorial!

  8. Can't use foil instead of plastic

  9. omg. this is so nice.!! I'm going to try it

  10. any substitute for hairspray?

  11. You are literally the Queen of Nails.

  12. Who's watching this in 2015??

  13. Who's watching this in 2015??

  14. I tried it but when I sprayed the hairspray, the polish just shrinks into one drop..? Does anyone have a tip?

  15. would you be able to update the products section?

  16. I couldn't get the spray part either. It just clumped together.

  17. you could dip two-three fingers at a time into the cup to save polish and to speed things up

  18. It's work! But I do it in black! Without the water deep .

  19. This is the only type of nail art I'm interested in! Beautiful πŸ™‚

  20. I didi this with neon colors and it looks like unicorn veins!

  21. You use up a lot of polish by doing this though…

  22. I love cutepolish in all, but I miss her video like this where she was very precise with her tutorials. I still love her though

  23. does any one else call cotton balls cotton rounds

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