Stormtrooper Nail Art (Voice by Darth Vader)

Stormtrooper Nail Art (Voice by Darth Vader)


  1. I'm a star wars fan and I love these nails!

  2. ha-ha this one cracked me up they looked very cool

  3. im gonna paint my nails like this for the movie… im gonna go to imax 3d!!

  4. I'm doing this design for the new Star Wars Movie Premier.

  5. shouldn't you say padawan instead of learner

  6. i cried from laughing so hard. this is awesome

  7. watch her react to this in her newer video! ?

  8. Hey I have a new channel with two others and we have one subscriber so if anyone could subscribe that would be awesome

  9. Sandi, there is another channel using your video! Nail Art Polish is the name. Thought you'd like to know.

  10. Hmm. I didn't know Darth Vader did nails!

  11. ER MER GERRRRSH!!!! I LOVE Star Wars!!! May the Force be with you, cutepolish!

  12. the voice does not sound like Darth Vader at all

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