Straight Hair Routine!!

This was another highly requested video! My Updated Straightening Routine! I hope this was helpful!! Donโ€™t forget, new videos every Friday! (this one is alitte late because I was out of town last weekend!) Thankyou so much for all your continued support!! Enjoy! Below is everything you need to know about this video ๐Ÿ™‚

*Products Mentioned:

  • Ren Pure Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Living Proof Style Lab Prime Spray
  • IC Heat Protection Spray
  • 1875 Pro Blow Dryer
  • Royale Electric Green Professional Straightening Iron


  1. we have the same hair length and type

  2. Beautiful! I think I want to look for and try the first heat protectant you used. I've NEVER seen it before. ?

  3. This was really satisfying to watch ?

  4. Finally someone with the same hair type as me!

  5. you look like milyn from the badgirlsclub

  6. I like your nose ring and your hair is on fleek???

  7. Gorgeous hair andย I LOVE your blowout!!!

  8. How often do you flat iron your hair?

  9. With the chase method you'd only have to go through once!

  10. What dye did you use on your hair? ??

  11. How long have you been natural? Did you Big Chop or Transition ?

  12. Your hairstyle is literally what I had for senior pictures(which it took July 23)! Same length and everything!

    I had a previous trim that morning and of course was a tad pained by the inch off my hair, but I'm happier with it!

    You are just rocking that though!

  13. Your hair is so pretty! You make me want to straighten mines but I'm scared lol

  14. how do you preserve your straight hair at night?

  15. Gorgeous. I just flat ironed today also almost the exact way you did lol

  16. gorgeous results loved it

  17. I Love your videos. ๐Ÿ™‚ never boring!

  18. Your hair looks nice ๐Ÿ™‚ I would probably have the same results since my hair is the same length as yours. But I'm going to throw away my flat iron lmao. I heat damaged my hair a few weeks ago but thank God it were only 3 pieces. ?

  19. See I really love the bounce you have with your hair! That's what I want. My hair is super thick, and curly. But, whenever I straighten my hair I don't have that bounce to it. Your hair is gorgeous by the way.

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