Today I’ll show you how to do the new makeup trend: STROBING using BECCA’s Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!


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Thanks so much for watching, I love you! ♡


  1. I think this looks really good because it's more natural looking

  2. basically what i do when i beat my face…just kinda a lot more subtle AND of course without throwing away the bronzer lol

  3. i feel like strobing is a day time make up look – like a wedding. Contouring is more evening maybe?

  4. I think its lovely, I will definitely try it. Goes to Sephora and buys the fckin champagne pop.

  5. I thought strobing was something sexual ?

  6. My whole FUCJINF life….I've been following this trend. My face is greasy as heeeeeeeccckkkkk.

  7. You are such a doll! I love your face and personality!!! ♡♡
    Thank you for this tutorial! Really helpful!

  8. LOVE IT!
    but where is toutorif of this make up? you look amazing girl!

  9. What's the name of song on tutorial's finish?

  10. Jacqueline Hill…. I have a teacher named that…. Creepy

  11. You are the makeup QUEEN!!!?

  12. easiet way to do strobbing,is by appylini vaseline or olive oil to where u have to strobb,that's simple for me,lol

  13. Yes it's the other way around. And there's a big space between ass diva Mariah and slaying queen ari??

  14. i thought this sad sobbing

    so i clicked on it. yikes

  15. why when i put on highlight do i feel like it always looks too sparkly and dry…

  16. she looked so pretty!!!!!!!!

  17. Can you make a tutorial on this look? PLEASE

  18. could you do a tutorial on that eye makeup? ik its late by still!

  19. at/ in (i don't know which is right ) solution: Highlight everything?

  20. ahh.. finally proud to have oily skin… :*

  21. I actually didn't know this was called strobing, I've always done my makeup like this because I look super muddy when I contour but I love highlight so I but it basically EVERYWHERE!

  22. you are funny and informative

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